Even though we see two hours of The Bachelor Sean Lowe every week, apparently that is enough time to fit everything in that happens on the show and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison shared some of the behind the scenes action that was going on during Week 3. The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers that Chris shared include some more information on that record-breaking kiss between Sean and Lesley M. and more details on that volleyball game. It is intriguing to know some of the things that are left out of The Bachelor Season 17. I wonder how much more we don’t see unless through these The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers.

Remember that Guinness World Record kiss between Sean and Lesley M.? Well, apparently it wasn’t a huge success the first time around and the two of them had to try twice to break the record! Chris Harrison said: “The first time they started kissing they went after it so passionately they forgot about the rules and their lips came apart and they had to start over. The second time they kept their concentration and they blew right past the record, and you got to see every second of it. Well, you actually had to see every second of it because that’s the point of the longest on-screen kiss.” Was this as awkward for you to watch as it was for me?

Also on The Bachelor 2013 last week, we saw the group date Sean Lowe had with 12 of The Bachelor 2013 women. It turned into a volleyball game that had the winning team being able to spend the rest of the evening with Sean and the losing team heading back to their mansion right away! It got intense, but before things started the girls got two hours of training!

Chris Harrison explains: “Once I broke the ladies up into two teams they actually went and practiced for a bit with two professional beach volleyball players. After a good practice session with the pros it was time to play.”

Also, did you notice that Sean appeared on the court from time-to-time and was playing? Chris said: “He would float back and forth between the two teams helping them both out. I’d like the record to show that Sean went over to help the red team at the end when they lost. I let him hear about that for a while.”

What else do you think they are holding back from us on The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers?

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