More one-on-one dates last night for The Bachelor Sean Lowe and did we see a new frontrunner take charge for The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers? It seems that AshLee Frazier may have won the heart of Sean and we can see why she is rumored to be one of the Final Four women on The Bachelor 2013. They shared a special moment on their one-on-one date, but was it enough for AshLee to win The Bachelor Season 17? Find out what Sean Lowe has to say about it. Who do you consider an early favorite as the winner of The Bachelor 2013 spoilers?

With episode 3 of The Bachelor 17 in the books, we get to see where Sean Lowe stands on things with the women of The Bachelor 2013. He blogs for People magazine during the season and it looks like AshLee may have increased her chances after their special one-on-one date. After their cute date that was shared by the two special girls from the Starlight Foundation, AshLee opened up about hr childhood and adoptions, which brought Sean to tears: “She told me the story of her childhood and about the abuse she suffered as a child and the love her father gave her once she was adopted at age six. I don’t usually cry, but hearing her describe the day she met her father and how he told her he would love her forever brought me to tears. It was then that I understood where AshLee’s compassion comes from and I had a whole new appreciation for the person that she is.”

Did that special moment catapult AshLee to the top of the list for Sean? It may not have, but it did move her up higher on the board that is for sure: “We finished the night dancing in front of one of my favorite bands, the Eli Young Band, and ended the evening with a very romantic kiss. AshLee quickly became a frontrunner and I knew if given time I could fall in love with her.”

Do you think AshLee is the one for The Bachelor Sean Lowe?

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