We all saw Tierra LiCausi on The Bachelor 2013 get “hypothermia” after taking the polar plunge with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and the other women during the group date in Canada, but did Tierra fake hypothermia or was it the real deal? In our The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers, I am calling it a total fake moment. This girl can pour it on super thick and this was just the cream of the crop on The Bachelor Season 17.


Tierra annoys me and she even seems to be annoying Sean right now, but you know those producers are telling him to keep her around because she gets the fans riled up and tuning in to hopefully see Sean send her home on The Bachelor 2013!

As far as the hypothermia goes, I am calling bullshit. She came out of the water fine and everyone else survived it, but if you paid attention to her she refused to keep the warmer-upper thing on her body and no towel. She was looking for a way to attract attention to herself and boy did she get it.

That fake shaking and mascara running down her face was enough to make me want to slap The Bachelor Sean Lowe because he fell for it again. He even said in the hotel room when he went to visit her that she always finds a way for some one-on-one time. Duh Sean! Fake, fake, fake!

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