The Bachelor 2013 has seen some twists and turns and unusual dates already while The Bachelor Sean Lowe tries to get to know all the women of The Bachelor Season 17. We have seen him do a prank on Desiree and fall 300 feet with Sarah, but tonight it gets even more interesting on The Bachelor 2013 when Sean Lowe and Lesley M. try to break the Guinness World Record for…kissing! The Bachelor Sean Lowe preview has a lot happening tonight, so you won’t want to miss this action-packed episode. Come back for my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Recap and find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013!

For the one-on-one dates tonight, Sean Lowe will try to break the record for on-screen kiss with Lesley M., so good job for her! Then it is amusement park time for AshLee, but she has to share Sean with a couple other women: Emily and Brianna from the Starlight Foundation’s Starbright World program. They both have a chronic illness, so I am sure we will all be crying during this part of The Bachelor 2013! AshLee does get some alone time with The Bachelor Sean Lowe, as they get a private concert from Sean’s favorite band, the Eli Young Band. 

For the group date, the women head to the beach to show off their bikini bodies and also so we have a chance of seeing Sean Lowe shirtless. Things will get intense, as the women will break into teams for some beach volleyball. The winning team gets a date with Sean at night, while the losing team says buh bye and heads back to the mansion all alone! You know the claws are coming out for this, right?

Check out The Bachelor Sean Lowe preview below and see how it all plays out during my The Bachelor Sean Lowe Recap and find out with me who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013:

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