The Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s wedding is being dubbed the most romantic event of the year, but we are barely into 2014, so that shouldn’t count, right? We have plenty of time left in 2014, but I am thinking ABC is going to hold nothing back in hopes of everyone tuning in tonight for The Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherin Giudici to tie the knot live in front of us. We all watched them fall in love on The Bachelor 2013 and now almost a year later, we are going to watch them walk down the aisle and say I do! Watch it with us during our The Bachelor Sean and Catherine’s Wedding Live Recap and see if any drama unfolds with us!


A year ago we all watched as the couple fall in love on The Bachelor 2013. Catherine was a dark horse who came in for the win as the weeks were winding down. We don’t see many couples last from this franchise, so it is shocking that the wedding is actually happening, right? There was first talk of having it in the Summer of 2013, just to get it over with and while Sean was still popular. Something pushed it back and now almost a year after the proposal, we have the wedding.

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Here we go…so, the theme of the wedding is “Grown Sexy” and Sean has no idea what that means. Either do I! We see Chris Harrison and he is in Santa Barbara and guests are in attendance and a lot of familiar faces from the franchise history. Now a look at the couple’s journey and what they have been up to since The Bachelor 2013.

Time to now look at a road trip for the couple, as they headed back to Dallas for the cameras. I guess Dallas is where they are going to build their life together. They have lived separately until their wedding day. Catherine is living with one of Sean’s best friends for the meantime, which has grown into one of her best friends. They are both upset to be apart from each other, especially after the constant time together on the road trip.

Sean and Catherine head to his families’ house to let them know of the date of the wedding. His family loves her and his Dad tells her that they love her more than Sean! They ask his Dad to officiate the wedding, which gets him emotional.

Time to get things ready for the wedding and planning, as Catherine sits down with the wedding planner. She mentions the Grown Sexy theme, which is something that is sophisticated, but has an aura of sexy to it. She wants everyone to feel sexy that night that they conceive that night! Catherine says they are still waiting for their wedding night for their first time. Catherine then meets with Sean and explains the Grown Sexy theme and Catherine said she is nervous about finding the best wedding dress and he is worried about the personal vows, which I’m sure producers will help him write!

Time for Catherine to head out to find the perfect wedding dress, so she heads out with her maid of honor, her Mom and Sean’s Mom. They are absolutely gorgeous dresses, but you know they aren’t going to show us the actual dress until she comes out to walk down the aisle, right?

While Catherine shops for wedding dresses, Sean heads out to shop for some lingerie for the wedding night and beyond. How awkward is this and is Sean making it???

To get inspired for their own wedding cake, the couple heads out to a cake store and decorate one on their own. They make a silly cake and make a mess with the sprinkles, so hopefully they help clean it up! They then spend some time together, which Sean gives Catherine the lingerie he purchased for her and they do seem really cute together.

Is anyone else sick of this Grown Sexy concept? I am sick of hearing it and just the couple do it already! Catherine is getting all done up with hair and makeup for the day. Meanwhile, she then heads out to pick out some outfits for boudoir photos she is getting done for Sean. These two have some sexual tension, huh?

Before The Bachelor Sean and Catherine wedding starts, they take a look at their finished wedding bands. They are in love with them, but they don’t look that special to me! They then talk about the wedding and life with Chris Harrison. Catherine has 12 bridesmaids! We talk about them having sex again….get over it perverts!

It took us an hour and 20 minutes, but the moment is here: The Bachelor Sean and Catherine wedding begins! Sean and his parents walk out first. The bridesmaids and groomsmen are coming down the long aisle now, as we see Catherine in the bridal quite getting last-minute touchups. Everyone is in place, so time for the bride to come down the aisle and we get a commercial break! She wasn’t out yet and Sean was crying, which continued as she walked down. The dress is great and let’s do this!

Yeah, Sean’s Dad officiating this wedding is making me a mess….it is so emotional and he is just speaking from the heart! The Dad is adorable, but time for a quick commercial break as we all pray.

We are back and time for the vows, which will make me cry….ugh. Yup, I’m that pathetic guy watching The Bachelor wedding and crying at the vows! Now time to exchange the rings and we are getting to the end! It is official, he kisses the bride and we have Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lowe!

We get some final words from Chris Harrison and some of the other married couples from the franchise. We wrap it up with a plug for The Bachelor Juan Pablo.

So, what do you think of The Bachelor Sean and Catherine wedding tonight? Will they last?

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