Like ABC did with Sean Lowe as The Bachelor, we should expect the same with The Bachelor Juan Pablo: lots of shirtless scenes and lots of scenes of him getting ready in the shower on The Bachelor 2014! Not that anyone is complaining about that, but we have a sneak peek at The Bachelor Season 18 premiere and it looks like we are in for another drama-filled season, but that just comes with the territory, right? Check out a preview of The Bachelor 2014 premiere below in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo spoilers video!


There will be two main topics that ABC will focus on this season: Juan Pablo and his sexiness and Juan Pablo and his daughter Camilla. He is looking to find a stepmom to his daughter that he seems so committed to, yet he spent how many months away from her while shooting The Bachelorette 2013 and now The Bachelor 2014??? Is that commitment to his daughter and their future or his future in trying to make it in the business?

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Either way, we should have some hot moments with the camera during The Bachelor Juan Pablo’s season. ABC is going to send him on dates that require less clothing, like the polar plunge Sean Lowe and the ladies did! They were even in the freezing cold, but still had him stripping down to nothing…thanks ABC! Check out a preview for The Bachelor 2014 here:

The Bachelor 2014 kicks off with a two-night premiere starting Sunday, January 5 (or Juan-uary 5 according to ABC) at 8/7c.

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