From the looks of this video of The Bachelor Season 18, I think we are in for some major drama from these women on The Bachelor 2014 and The Bachelor Juan Pablo is even getting angry about the things happening! I have been covering The Bachelor and The Bachelorette for a few seasons now and it still baffles me with how these people act, including thinking they are the only one for Juan Pablo, even though 26 other women are there fighting for him too! I’ll never understand it, but the moment a new season starts, I am wrapped into it all over again, as I will be tomorrow night for The Bachelor 2014 premiere! Check out an extended look at The Bachelor Season 18 in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo spoilers video!


In this extended look at The Bachelor 2014, we see lots and lots and even more tears! All the women are breaking down over Juan Pablo and even Juan Pablo is shedding the tears. I guess he is trying to prove he can act with the best of them, huh? We even have a scene of one of the ladies crying on the bathroom floor in a stall. It is so bad for her that she even wants Juan Pablo to die! Well, that is taking it a little too far, girl!

[Photos: Meet the 27 Women Fighting For Juan Pablo’s Final Rose]

There will be bombs to drop and cat fights among the women, as they are all jealous of “their man” kissing another girl. Entertainment Weekly has shared the extended look at The Bachelor Season 18, so click here for the video!

The Bachelor 2014 kicks off with a two-night premiere tomorrow night at 8/7c.

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