Things are about to get real tonight on The Bachelor 2014, as The Bachelor Juan Pablo is about to move past the initial meetings with the women on The Bachelor Season 18 and start going on some dates with them! The first one-on-one date of The Bachelor 2014 takes place tonight, but will it end well for Juan Pablo and the special lady? And it looks like we are going to have some drunk ladies and some naked women on The Bachelor Juan Pablo tonight, so don’t miss it! Follow along with our The Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelor 2014 tonight with us!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, it was the premiere and a chance for us and Juan Pablo to meet the 27 women fighting to win that final rose from him this season. We had the awkward limo entrances and the first cocktail party of the season and the first chance to see the women get jealous and bitter about not getting alone time with The Bachelor Juan Pablo! In the end, nine women were sent home and 18 moved on to Week 2 on The Bachelor 2014!

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 2, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Juan Pablo Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go….they don’t show us the date card arrival, but the first one-on-one date goes to Clare and she is getting ready for the date. He arrives and it is night. Most one-on-one dates start during the day, right? Juan Pablo said he loves giving surprises, so being The Bachelor is going to be so fun for him. And they head out on the date with Clare blindfolded.

They arrive at their date and it is a winter wonderland in Los Angeles! She is ready to have some fun sledding down the hills and cuddling in the “cold weather.”

Back at the house, Lucy is in the hot tub and she is topless! Her hippie self did not bring bikini tops and wants to be free!

We are back at the one-on-one date for Juan Pablo and Clare and now we have them ice skating. She is definitely struggling with this part of it, but he is helping her through it all. It has only just begun for them!

The house gets the date card and it goes to Kat, so the other girls are a little sad about not hearing their name.

They may be in a winter wonderland for their date, but don’t think that they won’t bring the hot tub there. Clothes are removed and time to learn more about Clare. She talks about her Dad and being his little princess and him passing away and her shutting down. She wants the qualities of her Dad in a man, but never seems to find it. He loves that she opened up to him and wants her to open up even more, so he gives her the rose and she gladly accepts it and then the kissing begins! It is not over yet, as they get their own private little concert from Josh Krajcik from The X Factor as the night ends.

It is a new day on The Bachelor 2014 and time for the second one-on-one date for Juan Pablo. It is with Kat, who happens to be a dancer and shared a salsa dance on her exit from the limo. The date card said things will get electric. They head to the runway and get on a private jet, but he won’t tell her where they are going. She loves the surprises and being flown all around by her man and can get used to this. Does she know the show ends and the flights are no longer happening?

Juan Pablo surprises her with her outfit for the night, which are some bright/electric running shorts and shoes and tank tops. They head to Utah for an Electric Dance, which does not start until they start it. It is so loud and looks like so much fun! I would do that 5K and they both look like they are having a blast.

Back at the mansion, the girls get the final date card for the week on The Bachelor Season 18: Chelsie, Christy, Kelly, Cassandra, Andi, Renee, Lauren, Alli, Chantel, Nikki, Elise, Victoria and Lucy. 

Meanwhile, Juan and Jat get to the finish line of the race and are dancing it up on the stage and she sees the rose, which he does give to her and she thinks this is the start of something electric between them!

Time for the group date on The Bachelor 2014 and this is going to get interesting, as usual with group dates. The ladies arrive at the date and they will be doing a photo shoot with Juan Pablo, but the photo shoot is for a good cause. Each girl will be paired up with a dog! The girls are all getting done up and they are supposed to be matching the dog they are paired with. Some have crazy costumes and wigs and some are in bikinis. Elisa and Andi were given nude photo assignments, where they are holding cardboard signs in specific spots. Both of them are freaking out about it!

Lucy, who is happy to take off her clothes, is asked by Elisa to switch and she gladly accepts, so no nudity for Elise! The photo shoot is beginning and everyone is loving the camera time, but some are not happy with their outfits. Renee and Juan Pablo get close to kissing, but nothing happened. She said she is going for it if the opportunity comes up then she will go for it!

Backstage, Andi is worried about being nude and Juan Pablo comes in and tells her he will be right there with her for the photo. He will be there for her and he comforts her and she feels a little better about it all. The photo happens and Lucy has no issue being naked, but Juan Pablo and Andi are a little weird about it, but it all works out!

Time for the night portion of the group date on The Bachelor Juan Pablo. There is a rose in the middle of the table, so they are all looking forward to getting to know Juan Pablo and hope for that date. Cassandra talks with him first and is nervous to tell him that she has a son, but who knows why. He loves it and is no big deal. Renee is next and she does not give him that kiss she said she was going to!

The nerves are starting to show and to calm them down, it seems like Victoria drank “one glass of champagne.” She is struggling with her words and Nikki pulls her aside to pull it together, but she claims she is fine. This is only going to get worse!

Nikki then gets some alone time with Juan Pablo and he seems intrigued. Victoria is a hot mess and in the hot tub alone. She wants some alone time with Juan Pablo, but it will not end well for her. She tries to go find Juan Pablo, who is still with Nikki. She walks by and is awkward. She then goes to the bathroom and let the crying begin! Renee goes in to comfort her and Victoria is upset she never got alone time. Now she doesn’t give a f*** about Juan Pablo and wants nothing to do with him! She then walks out of the bathroom and said she is done and to send her home. She keeps swearing and a producer is holding her there for her safety. She runs back into the bathroom and here we go!

Lucy comes up and tells Juan Pablo that Victoria has lost it, so he goes down to talk to her. He wants to talk to her, but she is in the stall and refusing to talk to him. He goes back to the women and said he feels bad for Victoria and hopes that it didn’t ruin the night for everyone. He gives out the group date rose to Kelly, who made the major transformation at the photo shoot. He asks the women to make sure that Victoria gets home safe so he can talk to her the next day about everything.

The next day arrives and Victoria was never brought back to the house, but she is in a hotel room. Juan Pablo comes in and talks to her. She kind of apologizes for her actions and going on the crazy train. She seems to not care about anything and seems to be worried more about being embarrassed than anything. He says he is 32 years old with a daughter and looking for someone. He said the right thing to do is not wait until the Rose Ceremony and he is sending her home now, which we all saw coming.

Time for the cocktail party and Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2014. Cassandra is feeling worried on where things stand with him and her, so she needs some alone time. Juan Pablo comes in and tells them that he sent home Victoria and he asks to talk to Amy, who is excited to spend time with him since she did not get a date this week. She is a reporter, so she does some live report and it is lame and Juan Pablo never seems interested in these women. Am I the only one seeing it?

Sharleen gets some alone time and apologizes for the way she accepted the first impression rose from him during the premiere. She sounds genuine and is really good with her words and seems to have smoothed it all out. Another hot mess, as Cassandra is struggling and crying and not sure if this is worth it to be away from her son. Who is there to comfort her? None other than Renee, so she must be the Mom of the group, huh?

Juan Pablo interrupts them and spends some alone time with Cassandra. He tells her he sees Renee and Cassandra in a different light, but it is a process for him too. He will tell her if it is not there because she has a kid at home and doesn’t need to be away from him longer than needed. He reassures her and she seems to be doing a little better.

Time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2014 and Clare, Kat and Kelly are all safe with roses from the dates. The other women safe tonight on The Bachelor Season 18 are: Cassandra, Nikki, Andi, Elise, Sharleen, Renee, Danielle, Lucy, Alli, Chelsie, Lauren and Christy. That means that Amy L. and Chantel have been eliminated tonight, along with Victoria who was already eliminated. I guess the news report did not win over Juan Pablo?

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Juan Pablo tonight?

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