Will it be Nikki Ferrell or Clare Crawley that gets that final rose from The Bachelor Juan Pablo tonight during The Bachelor 2014 Finale? All signs point and The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers point to Nikki getting the final rose, but ABC can always switch it up and spoilers can be wrong, right? Here are our The Bachelor Juan Pablo predictions for the finale tonight on ABC!

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The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers - Finale Predictions

I like to rebel against the system and even though everyone and everything is telling me that Nikki Ferrell wins The Bachelor Season 18, I like to believe that Clare still has a chance tonight. Why even show the season if spoilers will just ruin it for everyone?

Juan Pablo seriously looks to be torn between these two women, but then I also think he seems to have no interest in either of them at the same time. He has sent off some mixed messages all season long and has been very confusing for the women to understand, but someone has to get that final rose from him tonight on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014! Who gets it and will they get a proposal from Juan Pablo? Even more spoilers say the proposal could happen live on the After the Final Rose special!

Anyway, I am going to go out on a very long limb and say that Clare Crawley wins The Bachelor 2014 tonight and shocks the world! I mean, they did spend some quality time “swimming” in that ocean, so there is a strong connection there and I think it wins out in the end.

Who do you think will win The Bachelor 2014 tonight?

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