It is all on the line tonight on The Bachelor 2014, as The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 makes his way to the hometowns of the final four women on The Bachelor Season 18 and het gets to meet their families. Will the language barrier we have seen and talked about all season come into play tonight on The Bachelor 2014? He has to impress the possible in-laws and that is hard enough to do on its own, let alone when English is your second language. We shall see during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014, we saw Juan Pablo and the ladies return to the United States to visit what he calls home now: Miami. This was a huge test for Sharleen Joynt, as she was thinking of leaving the week before, but said she would give it one more week to see where things stand. She got the first one-on-one date of the evening and it seemed to go very well, but she was still unsure of having him meet his family this week, so she eliminated herself! Then at the Rose Ceremony, Juan Pablo sent home Chelsie Webster, leaving us with the final four women.

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 8, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…things kick off with Nikki’s hometown of Kansas City and she is excited to be home, but she is excited for this date and she is goofy about him. Being from the Midwest, she is looking for a little cowboy in her guy. They head to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and he is loving it. Before meeting the family, it is time for some bull riding! He made her dance, so now she is making him ride a bull! He does a pretty good job and Nikki is surprised at how good he did. She is in love with him and wants to tell him, but she is super nervous.

Time for Juan Pablo to meet Nikki’s family and they sit down for dinner and her Dad welcomes them into their house and anyone who sits down at their table is family. Her Mom pulls Nikki aside to chat and they girl talk about her time on the show and Nikki said she is falling in love with him, but has not told him. Juan Pablo sits down with her father and he said he respects her honestly the most of anything. Juan Pablo said his proposal would be in the big picture and seeing that they are both on the same page, but her father said they trust Nikki and whatever she decides they will support.

I am really liking her father and he seems like a great guy. Juan Pablo heads out for the night and Nikki wanted to tell him that she loves him and hints at it, but she never gets up the nerve to do it and he leaves for the night. She said it didn’t feel right yet.

We now head to Atlanta on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and time for Andi’s hometown date. She never thought this would happen and she is so excited to see him. Before the family time, she keeps asking Juan Pablo if he thinks he is tough enough. They head out to the gun range to shoot each other? She is kicking some major butt and hit the bullseye on the first shot! Apparently Juan Pablo doesn’t see what he is shooting at, as he keeps missing and missing the target! He finally gets a bullseye and gets to meet her family.

The evening portion of the date and time for Juan Pablo to meet Andi’s mother, father, sister and husband. Andi is telling them about her time on the show and her Dad is not happy about her not getting a one-on-one date for so long. He is not happy right now and thinks they are infatuated with each other, but he may be infatuated with other women. Her parents have been married for 30 years and got engaged after six months of dating and then got married six months later. Her Dad is not pleasant and worried and makes it awkward.

Andi’s mom takes Juan Pablo aside and he must win her over. They joked about Andi’s terrible dancing skills, so they show it off for her mother and then Juan Pablo spins her around a little. He seems to have won over the mom, but now time for the Dad! He gives Juan Pablo some advice on finding someone on the show and fitting into his family. Juan Pablo asks for his approval if he did propose to Andi. He said he can’t answer him until he knows for sure Andi is the one and the other women are out of the picture. At that time, they can have the conversation again. Andi talks with her sister and she says she can see herself with him and their is a connection there. Her sister said she just doesn’t know right now and doesn’t see the connection there yet, so Andi is hurt. She talks with her Dad and he is concerned Juan Pablo is dating three other people. They are very protective of her, but she doesn’t know where it is going to end up, but she likes where she is at.

Despite everything and her family’s concerns, Andi felt something tonight with Juan Pablo and she could be falling in love. The date ends and she is on cloud nine!

The third Hometown Date on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 is for Renee in Sarasota. She has not seen her son in two months and Juan Pablo gets to see her get reunited with him. They head out to his Little League baseball game. She is finally reunited with Ben and is so emotional and happy to see her son. Juan Pablo is excited to meet Ben and they all chit chat. He said he really wants a son and can’t wait to play all the sports with him. She loves having him watch the game with her and it feels like they are a couple and she never wanted the game to end!

Time for the evening portion of the date and heading to meet her parents and brother. She said this is the longest she has been away from her son and it is painful, but she would never do it if she wasn’t feeling the way she does about Juan Pablo. While Renee spends time with her son, Juan Pablo gets to know the family individually. Renee sits down with her mother and said she is falling in love with him, but has not told him. She said everything has been natural and going well. Her mother said just make sure she loves him. Her Dad thinks Juan Pablo is a good guy. He can see the glow in her and he hasn’t seen that in a long time.

So, the night comes to an end and she wants to tell him, but can’t say it. Why can’t these women say they love him??? She said it didn’t flow and didn’t come out.

We are in Sacramento and time for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 to meet Clare and her family. This should be an interesting one! He loves being where she feels comfortable and he isn’t even going to ask what the plans are and just go with the flow. This is the first guy she has brought home since her dad passed away. When he was passing away, she asked him what she would do for their father-daughter dance at her wedding. He said why wait? She picked out a song and shared that dance before he passed. She shares some touching stories about her dad, but she said it feels right.

Family time on The Bachelor 2014, as Juan Pablo meets Clare’s family, who has five sisters! They share some stories about the journey and some food. She sits down with one of her sisters and said she would say yes in a heartbeat if Juan Pablo proposed to her. Her parents only knew each other three weeks before getting engaged and were married decades! The one sister thinks Juan Pablo is a gentleman and is just like their Dad and this is what she has been waiting for.

She sits down with her Mom and sister and she said that they can’t give their blessing to her. She said she has been following her heart and they don’t know what she has been through and just wants them for her to have happiness. Clare is trying to talk to her Mom, but her sister keeps interrupting. She doesn’t want Clare to manipulate her mother and every time her Mom tries to talk the sister interrupts. It is beyond weird and makes no sense!

Now Juan Pablo is talking to her mother and her sister comes out to join them. Clare comes out and doesn’t want her there and saying something to ruin her chances. Juan Pablo talks to the sister and smooths things over and he wins her over. She gives him some alone time with their mother. She seems to be impressed and would welcome him into their family and he is liking her. Clare would love to marry him if he can look past her family.

Time for the Rose Ceremony tonight on The Bachelor 2014. Chris Harrison is bringing in the final four women to see who moves on and who goes home. Of course, Clare and Nikki are the first two women brought out and that awkward silence is there again! Out comes Juan Pablo and here we go. The roses go to Nikki, Clare and Andi! That means that Renee has been eliminated tonight on The Bachelor 2014 and let the tears come from both of them!

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