The drama is about to be working overtime tonight on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014, as the Overnight Dates on The Bachelor 2014 and we all want to know what happened with Andi Dorfman in the fantasy suite on The Bachelor Season 18. We find out all the details tonight on The Bachelor 2014, but will it be as big of a deal as they make it out to be? Find out during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers - Fanatasy Suite Dates

Last night on The Bachelor Season 18, we watched as Juan Pablo traveled around the country to visit the final four women on The Bachelor 2014 in their hometowns. We had some drama with the families and getting the approval and acceptance of Juan Pablo, but can you blame them? All the dates did work out in the end and it was a tough decision for Juan Pablo to make. At the Rose Ceremony back in Miami, Juan Pablo sent home Renee Oteri and everyone was shocked? How could he send her home at this point? I thought she would be one of the finalists, but I guess she has moved on with a new man already!

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 8, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…it looks like we know what happens in that suite. Juan Pablo talks and says to Andi that she barely made it through to the final three, which upsets her and sets her off? We’ll find out, but we start with Juan Pablo and we are in St. Lucia now.

First up tonight is Clare and she never thought she would be here. They get in the boat and start their day together. She is playing it off like if Juan Pablo offers her the fantasy suite card she might not take it. Who you kidding Clare? After their trip to the ocean, Clare is worried about what it will look like to his daughter. Clare is still worried about her family and her sister and how she acted, but calm it down! They are on the big yacht now and it is gorgeous there. She is falling in love with him and thinks tonight would be the perfect night to tell him.

Juan Pablo and Clare are now on the evening portion of the date and dinner. They have the fantasy suite card there, but will Clare accept it? Before that, she wants to talk about his daughter Camila. She wants to meet her and not be the evil stepmother. How livid would Clare be if she knew that Nikki already met Camila?

Out comes the fantasy suite card and Clare talks about their time in Vietnam and that it matters to her about his daughter. Juan Pablo said at this point, the three remaining women are there and this is a chance for them to have alone time without the cameras. She said okay then and accepts, so how long before those two are hitting that bed on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014???

They head into the suite and Juan Pablo gives a toast and awkward silence and he tries to drag it out of them to say they love him. It is weird. He knows what they are thinking, but wants them all to say. She said she is loving that she is falling in love with him. He said he melted the block of ice that she was and she thinks this is perfect and doesn’t want to lose him. Hot tub time and more kissing, so the cameras will shut off soon!

The fun and drama begins now on The Bachelor 2014, as it is the Overnight Date for Andi! She is excited for what the day is going to bring. They head to the Dennery Seafood Fiesta and it is food everywhere and I would like to be there! They are playing the drums and he loves a girl that goes with the flow. There are kids there and she loves seeing him interact with the kids and thinks it is charming seeing him in that environment. The kids love playing soccer, so they are now playing a pickup game of soccer with Andi in her dress! Now it is time to explore, as they get in the land buggy and drive around St. Lucia. They head to the jungle and he has one last surprise for Andi. They arrive at Latille Falls and have a nice little picnic setup for them. They discuss the hometown visit and his talk with her family. She is feeling a little more reassured after the talk, so slip into our swimsuits and go into the falls to makeout!

Now the evening portion of the date and they arrive for dinner. Andi told him that she badly wanted to fall in love in Atlanta. He doesn’t want this to be forced and trying to figure things out and what she meant. She says that she worries and overthinks about things, but she did not mean force it. She thinks it is cute that he was concerned. They have some real talk going on now and about the future and where things stand with them both and it is nice to hear, like it is not all lovey dovey and they are talking real topics that would be a concern if he did pick Andi to win The Bachelor Season 18.

He gives her the fantasy suite card and she accepts, so they head over to the suite! She feels on cloud nine right now and can’t stop smiling, but that is about to change!!! They share their toast and Juan Pablo thinks Andi could be the one and could be his wife, but the cameras stop rolling!

The next day arrives and Juan Pablo is loving the time with Andi and said they laughed and talked for hours. He is very happy and likes where things are at with Andi. However, different mood for Andi! She woke up and could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite. She said she saw a side of him that she did not like and it was all a disaster. She hopes he did not think it went well, which he does! She said she had doubts throughout the season, but when she was talking about feeling with him and herself, but he would turn the conversation to him. He would name-drop and he mentioned his overnight date with Clare! She said there is no filter with him and it comes across as him not caring. He thinks everyone will fall in love with him and laugh and she wants to be with a guy who loves her more than he loves himself! OUCH!!!

She knows this has been a great experience and got to do great things, but she knows he is not the one after spending the night with him and now it is just a matter of figuring out what to do at this point!

I guess we wait for Andi’s decision until after the overnight date with Nikki. She walks up and I am not even sure what she is wearing! She looks horrendous, or is it just me? They go horseback riding. He said she is very sexy and a great kisser, which is what you look for in a stepmom, huh? They are very sexual with their talking and it is infatuation, not love, right? They head to the beach and chat about the hometown dates, which is the norm. He said he told her Dad he wasn’t sure about proposing to Nikki yet, so now she is worried hearing that. She said she tends to pull back when she might get hurt, so he kisses her to reassure her. She wanted to tell him plenty times that she loves him, but hates to do it and then get hurt.

We are heading right to the dinner, I guess to leave us time for Andi to talk to Juan Pablo and leave the show? Yet again, Juan Pablo asks what she is thinking and she has been thinking a lot today. Are they not supposed to be thinking??? He gives her the fantasy suite card and she quickly accepts, unlike the other two women. It feels like this date is moving along so quickly, yet she is rumored to be the winner of The Bachelor 2014? Why would they not show more?? It is that boring?

In the fantasy suite, she finally gets the nerve and tells Juan Pablo that she loves him. He mumbles something and I am over trying to figure out what he said. She feels awesome after telling him and wants the night to never end and wants this moment to last forever.

Time for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 to sit down with host Chris Harrison and try to deliberate what to do at this next Rose Ceremony. He said he is feeling good about things and one of them could be a good prospect in his life. He is feeling great and is liking them all. He said he doesn’t know what he is going to do and gets to watch the videos the ladies made for him.While Nikki and Clare shared loving messages and how they are in love with him, Andi said she has strong feelings and thoughts develop since their Overnight Date and she wants to talk about those feeling in person and here she comes!

Yup, she is here to tell Juan Pablo that she is leaving. As she comes up, he said he really likes her. After what seems like a ten mile walk, she finally arrives to talk to Juan Pablo. She said she had great times with him and felt giddy and excited and she has never felt that before. She said after the Overnight Date, she realized that she was not in love with him and would not be in love with him ever. He says it is ok and it is her decision. She said it comes off as him not having feelings for her when he just says it is okay. He said he respects her, but it does make him look like an ass, right?

He should just pack it up right now because he is dealing with an Assistant District Attorney and she will eat him up! She asks about talking about Clare and their Overnight Date on their Overnight Date. He said he was being honest and how he said she barely made it there beyond Renee and she said there is a difference between being honest and being a dick!

She said he said she was there by default, but he said he never used that word before in his life. She tells him that he knows noting about her and doesn’t know if it is her or if he is even in it for the right reasons. He has a point and why she did not bring this up in the fantasy suite. No cameras, so she wanted it for the show? He respects her honesty 100%, but she leaves the show and I say more power to her. She saw through the acts he puts on and knows he is not here to find love, but find fame. She is confident in her decision, but it is still emotional. Being that close and not finding love. Will she ever find love? Are her standards too high? Oh, I think she’ll have that chance on The Bachelorette 2014!

Andi may have left, but we still have a Rose Ceremony to go through. Chris Harrison brings out Clare and Nikki and no Andi! Chris tells him that Andi is no longer there, but they need to hear that from Juan Pablo. Nikki looks shocked because that was her girl! Juan Pablo said Andi left because she did not have strong feelings for him. He gives them both a rose and they accept, so our final two women on The Bachelor 2014 are Clare and Nikki, which is fitting because they hate each other!

That is it for tonight. What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tonight?

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