Things are about to get real interesting on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tonight, as Juan Pablo and the six remaining women on The Bachelor 2014 leave New Zealand and head to Miami and the hometown of The Bachelor 2014. It looks like the claws will come out between two of the ladies and one lady gets the chance to meet his daughter Camila? And the question on everyone’s mind will be answered: does Sharleen Joynt quit The Bachelor 2014 tonight? Find out during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, things heated up in New Zealand, as we saw Andi get her first one-on-one date of the season with Juan Pablo. Things went well and she walked away with the date rose. To clear things up with Clare after the blowup in Vietnam, she got the other one-on-one date and a half-ass apology from Juan Pablo was good enough for her, as the lovebirds made out all night and she got the date rose. Juan Pablo sent Cassandra home at the group date because he wasn’t feeling it and wanted her to get home to her son. Then eliminated Kat at the Rose Ceremony.

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 7, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


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Here we go…more talk of his daughter, who he hasn’t seen in three weeks and he misses her so much. Yeah, then why sign up for the show and leave her? Such a joke! He goes and visits his family since he is back in Miami. He loves his daughter so much, but then he doesn’t pay child support???

The women arrive in Miami and at their hotel. They are wondering if they may meet his friends and family while in Miami and sit and wonder about the dates this week. Sharleen said at this time she is not ready to introduce Juan Pablo to her family yet, which would happen to be next week. Meanwhile, Juan Pablo is talking to his cousin and telling him that Sharleen could be the one!

At the hotel, Juan Pablo arrives to hand-deliver the date card, which goes to Sharleen. She has a short amount of time to get ready and said she will know by the end of this date if she wants to stay or not…the drama!

The women are talking about Sharleen and why she is even here and she has told Chelsie her type of guy and it would not be Juan Pablo. Meanwhile, Sharleen and Juan Pablo start their date and they are spending the day on a yacht. Sharleen said she feels uptight and not herself, but The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tells her to just relax and be herself. I guess kissing will bring that out of her??? She is surprised that she is attracted to him and finds him sexy and can’t help but kiss him when near him.

They are on the beach now and chatting and Sharleen is just so complicated. She said she has dealt with change and can deal with change and it seems like her feelings and priorities have changed while being on the show. She is trying to soak in the moment and be as appreciative as possible.

Time for the evening portion of the date on The Bachelor 2014 and Sharleen said she feels the flicker in her heart and there is a connection with Juan Pablo, but it is a mental thing and if she is ready for a husband and to introduce him to her family and she will determine that tonight. Juan Pablo feels good with her. She said laying on the boat with Juan Pablo feels right, but there is a little voice in her head telling her that it is not right!

Back at the hotel and the ladies get the date card, which is a one-on-one date for Nikki! The women are not happy and Chelsie can’t believe that someone that negative can connect with Juan Pablo. Where is this negativity? Nikki was supposed to be the Season 18 villain, but I don’t see it. Do you?

The date is over and Sharleen feels it was a great date, but she doesn’t know what to do. She chats with Renee and said she needs to decide to stay or to go. What is her deal????

Time for the second one-on-one date of the night and it is with Nikki. She said she is totally falling in love with Juan Pablo, but is not ready to tell him yet. They head to the flower shop and are making a floral arrangement for his daughter, as they will be heading to her dance recital! His family will be there and his daughter and his ex-wife! She is speechless and mind blown by this, as am I! Like, who does this on The Bachelor? If he doesn’t choose Nikki, then how weird for the daughter and brought this random “friend” to meet her. They all hang and meet each other and I feel awkward for them all, but it works for them.

Time for the evening portion of the date and they are heading to Juan Pablo’s office: Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins! The have the whole stadium to themselves and throw the ball around a little and enjoy some time on the blanket together. These stadium lights sure show off their greasy faces, huh? Nikki does tell Juan Pablo about her worry about his ex being there, but he said she wants the best for him and is supportive. Nikki said she is hopeful that he comes home with her next week on The Bachelor 2014!

Back at the hotel, Sharleen sits down with the four ladies that weren’t on the one-on-one date and tells them she is leaving The Bachelor Season 18. She is said, but taking it seriously.

She goes to Juan Pablo’s room and tells him as amazing as their date was, this is extremely difficult. She tells him she doesn’t know if she can get there in three weeks and the thought of a proposal at the end. She doesn’t want to take the spot of one of the other women. She says she is sorry, but Juan Pablo said don’t be sorry for something that she feels. She feels for wasting his time. I honestly think she is a classy and intelligent woman and can’t wrap her mind around this whole process, so I give her props for that. She didn’t get dramatic with it and was honest. Does it suck she waited seven weeks? I don’t know, but it shows how unreal the whole show is and Sharleen lives in reality.

Time for the group date on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014. They head out and fly to the beach and their will be a rose for this date only tonight, which the lady who receives the rose will continue on to the evening portion of the date. The pressure is on for these four women. Chelsie gets the first alone time and her mother gave her letters for her time on the show and to have contact with her family. She reads some to Juan Pablo and they are funny.

Andi gets her alone time and starts crying! What is with these women and crying tonight??? He calms her down and everything is just fine. Now it is time for Clare to cry, as she talks about her Dad, who passed away. He made a video for her future husband and what he expects of that guy for his daughter. The video is in a vault and Clare wants Juan Pablo to see that video!

Back with the group and time for Juan Pablo to hand out the group date rose, which Clare says would show that person be a frontrunner! He gives the rose to Andi, which pisses off Clare. She complains about not getting the rose or dates, but she has had two dates and time in the ocean….calm it down, girl.

Time for Andi to get her alone time with Juan Pablo. They head to the club and get a special performance by Romeo Santos and they do some Latin dancing, which Andi thinks Juan Pablo does amazingly well, but I don’t see it.

Back at the hotel, Clare, Renee and Chelsie come back and tell Nikki about the rose on the date. Nikki said it is awkward and she said Chelsie is giggling and Renee has a smile from ear-to-ear and Clare is not there and zoned out. Clare said maybe Andi got the rose to reassure her doubts. Nikki doesn’t want to hear it and walks out! Clare can’t deal with it, so she goes to confront Nikki about it and it is a cat fight. Why Clare went up there is beyond me, but she tried to kick Clare out several times, but Clare was not having it. The suite is free space for everyone! So childish and I am over Clare and I don’t get the villain status or bitchy side of Nikki. It is true what Nikki said. Clare did not get a rose and was upset and she is like a dog and peed on Juan Pablo to mark her territory, but she marked the wrong territory!

Time for the Cocktail Party on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014. He arrives and Renee gets some alone time. There are five women and Andi has a rose, so one of the other women will go home. Chelsie tries to keep the conversation going, but Nikki is not having it. She says her and Andi whisper to each other like high school, so maybe ABC is editing it nicely for Nikki?

We do see Nikki and Andi talking and they are being a little catty, so I can get that villain statement a little bit. She seems to be bitchy, but I think it is her trying to be funny and all these women are catty right now when it comes down to the final few women. Nikki and Clare don’t like each other. We get it, ABC! This whole night has been awkward and quiet and I am so glad to see Bachelor host Chris Harrison to come in and steal him away for the Rose Ceremony!

Time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2014. Andi already had a rose and will be having Juan Pablo meet her family. The other women to get a rose are Nikki, Clare and Renee. That means Chelsie is eliminated tonight and she joins Sharleen, who self-eliminated herself earlier in the episode. More tears from Juan Pablo after sending Chelsie home. The final four women on The Bachelor 2014 are Nikki, Clare, Andi and Renee!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tonight?

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