The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and the women on The Bachelor 2014 are making their way to Vietnam tonight on The Bachelor Season 18 and it looks like Clare Crawley is going to take things with The Bachelor Juan Pablo a little too far, but could it send her home? Tears will be shed and drama will be head, but that is why we all watch The Bachelor 2014, right? Follow along with everything tonight during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2014 tonight with us!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, we saw the jealousy factor start to play a bigger role with these women. They are all starting to get more and more feeling for Juan Pablo, so they all want him to themselves. This leads to catty moments and women fighting for his attention. Sharleen was able to get the only one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, who happens to be someone she is not even sure she wants or wants to be there! The date helped calm those thoughts and learn more about Juan Pablo. In the end, she got a rose, but Elise and Lauren S. were eliminated.

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 5, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


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Here we go…no traveling tonight, as Juan Pablo is already in Vietnam and he is excited to see what this country has in store for him. The women arrive at their hotel and it is beautiful there. I’d vote to be eliminated tonight on The Bachelor Season 18 and just stay in that hotel! The date card is on the table and it is a one-on-one date for Renee! She has been waiting for weeks to kiss Juan Pablo and thinks this would be the perfect setting for it to happen, but will it?

Renee heads out to meet Juan Pablo for their date. Get ready to hear how they are both single parents for the whole date! Juan Pablo gives her a ride on a bike cab and then head out to the dress shop and she will get a dress custom made for her! They pick out the fabric and get the measurements, but Renee is all sweaty, so he runs across the street and gets a fan to cool her down, which is cute.

They then decide to buy gifts for their kids and she is loving it. She loves “him” buying her all this stuff, but it is is really ABC, right? They sit on a little boat and chat some and Renee is all about wanting that kiss…will it happen tonight on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014???

Time for the evening portion of the date for Renee and Juan Pablo. The dress looks great and I do enjoy Renee. Am I the only one who thinks these dates are always so awkward and just no chemistry between him and any of the women? He always seems like he is in a far away place and I just can’t take it.

Back at the hotel, the ladies get the group date card for Sharleen, Chelsie, Kat, Cassandra, Clare, Kelly, Alli, Danielle and Andi. That means Nikki gets the second one-on-one date of the night. Andi is upset she is not getting the one-on-one and doesn’t know why she is there.

Now for the final portion of the date and Juan Pablo said he had a great date and loved getting to know more about her and not just talk about their kids. He gives her the rose and they head out for a little walk. They head out and get these little baskets with candles in them. They make a wish and push them out, but it won’t come true for Renee, as she wishes for a kiss. He wants to kiss her, but is waiting because of her son and wants to make sure it is the right time….lame!

Group date time on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and let the drama begin. They meet Juan Pablo and they will do traditional Vietnamese things for the day. They go in bamboo boats and have to pair up, but no one picks Clare as their partner. That means she gets to go in the boat with Juan Pablo. They fall behind the other boaters and Juan Pablo sneaks some kisses. He is a mess! The ladies are feeling like they are on a one-on-one date for Clare and Juan Pablo!

They get on land and are walking around and Juan Pablo asks this random person where they can eat and he says in their home. Yeah, like this was not planned out ABC??? They go and pick their ingredients in the garden and just happen to have hats for them all. Andi is upset still about the group date and wondering where things stand with Juan Pablo, so she asks him! He says to trust him and calms her down with that.

Time for the evening portion of the group date and they gather round and Juan Pablo pulls Clare aside first! They spent a good amount of time together throughout the day, so why take her first. They head to his own personal suite!!! They are in the water and their bathing suits and things are getting hot and bothered. She says lets not kiss tonight, but kind of late for that. He is kissing her neck and everything, but then he will go back and do the same with all the other women???

He takes Sharleen to the beach and here we are again, she is questioning how he feels about her. She wants to be the panda bear to all the other brown bears. She said she had questions for this date, but then Juan Pablo kisses her and she forgets them. So, that not kissing thing is going well, huh? Andi is next and more making out between them. This is appropriate television for his daughter, huh? Time for the group date rose and he gives it to Clare for coming out of her comfort zone. Andi is pissed yet again!

The women on The Bachelor 2014 are back at their hotel and all feeling good after a good group date. Clare has never swam in a warm ocean before, so she heads back down to Juan Pablo’s suite and asks him to swim! How unfair is this??? Juan Pablo says the waves were wild, but they got wild too. I’ll say it again, the gays can’t be on the show because they are perverts, but this is okay television for his daughter and kids??? Well, this has been a late night for Juan Pablo, so he should be tired for his date with Nikki, huh?

A new day arrives on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and he is thinking a lot about Clare and the connection he had with her, but it is time for Nikki and her one-on-one time. They head to Hell, which is a cave and they will climb down it. Of course, we have another lady that is scared and trusts Juan Pablo and is going to do it. Of course,  they stop in the middle of the climb down and kiss. Perfect time, huh? They do make it and kiss some more. I’ve never been more angry watching someone kiss on these shows as I do with him every time he kisses one of the women.

They keep up the cave theme for the night portion of the date and Nikki forget some of her dress at the hotel! The actual conversations between Juan Pablo and the women are so hard to sit through. It is awkward, which is why I think we have seen so much kissing tonight. They just want to shut him up, so they kiss him! He is playing with her hair and ear and she looks like she wants to kill him! No big shocker, but he offers the rose to Nikki and she accepts. More kissing, but poor Renee can’t get one???

Cocktail Party and Juan Pablo tells the ladies that he has to send home three women tonight, which puts all the women on edge! The first person he pulls aside is Andi, so maybe that will reassure her some. He said he is liking all these girls and not sure what he is going to do. He is still using that son-daughter thing for not kissing Renee, but where did his daughter go when he was in the ocean and the other one-on-one date and with Andi and Sharleen and….Renee is trying to say her son is mature and will understand and blah blah and he goes in for the kiss! She says it was perfect and definitely worth the wait.Can she be the next Bachelorette?

He then pulls Clare aside and she is still giddy about the ocean time, but he said he is feeling weird about it all and thinks it wasn’t right. It happened though, so nothing they can do about it. She said this is what she would have done if it was just him and her, but he said it is not like that and it is just about being fair. He doesn’t think his daughter will like seeing what happened in the ocean, which sets Clare off. Bring on the drama and tears to show she didn’t want to disrespect his daughter. She is now confused on things and doesn’t know where to go from here. Probably not the ocean, right?

More dramatics from Clare, as she is upset with what Juan Pablo said to her and those were not her intentions and she would never disrespect his daughter. So, why is she thinking that his daughter would not see this? Why is that such a shock to her? Juan Pablo goes to talk to her again and he is acting like he did nothing wrong and he did it to not take away the emotion that she had! Now he is acting like he wanted to keep her happy and not upset her, so that is why he went to the ocean with her. Oh really???

They go back to the group and all the women know that something is wrong and Clare is saying it is her allergies, but they all know she was crying. Juan Pablo is in a somber mood and it is just awkwardness all around as Chris Harrison comes in to discuss the Rose Ceremony starting soon!

Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and we have Renee, Clare and Nikki safe already from the date roses. The other women to get roses are Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat and Andi. That means that Kelly, Alli and Danielle have been eliminated tonight on The Bachelor Season 18! He gets emotional after sending them home and tears around! The ladies and Juan Pablo will leave Vietnam and head to New Zealand next week!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tonight?

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