We are only into Week 4 on The Bachelor 2014, but I guess it is time for a change for The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and the women on The Bachelor Season 18, as they leave Los Angeles behind and head to South Korea! We should see some drama and a question for Sharleen that she thinks the answer might end her chances with Juan Pablo! So, what is the question Sharleen is afraid to answer? We will find out soon in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, we saw Juan Pablo go on a couple more one-on-one dates and a group date that consisted of the women playing soccer, which was bound to happen this season. It was the adrenaline date for Chelsie and bungee jumping off a bridge with Juan Pablo. Trust was a big issue and she earned it and maybe stepped up as a frontrunner for that final rose??? In the end, Juan Pablo sent Christy and Lucy home and no more free spirits on The Bachelor 2014!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 4, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


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Here we go…is anyone else over this nonsense with Juan Pablo’s daughter and how they are playing it up? If he cared so much about her, he wouldn’t have signed up to do The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. Let’s stop the drama with the daughter and missing her and move on to the dates.

Over at the mansion, Chris Harrison comes in and tells the ladies they are heading to South Korea! It will be a week of two group dates and a one-on-one date and they have one hour to pack!

Juan Pablo and the women have arrived in South Korea on The Bachelor 2014. The women get to their hotel and are beyond excited and see the date card. Group date for Chelsea, Cassandra, Kat, Danielle, Elise and Nikki, who is pissed she got the group date and wants a one-on-one date, stat!

Time to start the group date on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and it looks like they will be doing some dancing to some K-Pop music. Nikki is again complaining about being on the group date. They will be dancing with 2NE1, which happens to be South Korea’s version of the Spice Girls back in the day. They work on some dance moves and clearly Juan Pablo is campaigning to be on Dancing with the Stars and it drives me insane. Kat is a dancer, so loving this and thinks she is crushing it and annoying me. Nikki can’t dance, but she does the sprinkler and is trying to show she is having fun.

The ladies are practicing their dance moves, but 2NE1 comes in and tells them they have a huge show that night. They want Juan Pablo and the girls to be their backup dancers, which Nikki is not excited about.

Kat is talking up her dancing skills, but have we forgotten that Cassandra is a former NBC dancer? The women are getting their outfits and hair and makeup done and time to hit the stage! The mall is packed (all five stories) and they are ready to see 2NE1 (pronounced 21). Kat pretty much thinks the show is for her and not 2NE1. Not gonna lie, I am not minding Nikki right now and all her bitching, but it is funny. She can’t dance and is over it, but she is out there.

Time for the evening portion of the date and Kat wants to show Juan Pablo that she is more than fun and games and has some dance moves. While Kat is with Juan Pablo, Nikki is ripping her apart and thinks she is just there for fun and fake. The other girls are over Nikki and think she is the most negative person in the house, but don’t think Juan Pablo is getting the full picture. Elise wants to show she is serious about this. Nikki tells him it was a hard day for her and she is trying to feel comfortable. She tells him that she wants to be here and she loves kids, so she is winning him over right now.

Back at the hotel, the ladies get another date card. It is a one-on-one date for Sharleen and she is nervous because she could go home. I like how she is hesitant about things and isn’t head-over-heels for him or in love with him. She seems real and I like that.

Back at the group date, Kat wants the rose and feels she opened up to him and deserves it. Elise is so worried about who is around Camila, but she is so catty and I am over her. Juan Pablo takes Nikki aside and gives her the group date rose. She knows everyone hates her right now, but she can see herself falling in love with him.

Time for the one-on-one date for Sharleen and The Bachelor Juan Pablo. They go around Seoul and the markets. They are “enjoying” the food. They go to a tea house and Sharleen feels this is their chance to get to know each other better. The conversation is a little awkward, but I guess Sharleen thinks he is is more fun than expected. Juan Pablo wants her to sing, but she said she never does this with a guy this early. She makes him close his eyes and sings a little and she is good. She feels she has opened up more to him than any other guy, so I guess this leads to them making out. She likes him and thinks there is a shot they could fall in love on The Bachelor 2014.

Time for the evening portion of their date and Sharleen thinks the day was perfect. They do some talking and Sharleen thinks they get each other a lot more than she thought they did. The motherly talk comes and wanting kids and she said that is a whole other topic. He drags it out of her and she says she has been career-focused and relationships and kids have come second to her. She is completely honest and I like that. She is not sugarcoating it for him and that wins over Juan Pablo and she gets the rose!

Time for the other group date of the night and we see Lauren talk…who is she??? They are going to explore South Korea and get crazy. First stop: sing karaoke. No one knew what they were even singing, but they were having fun. The girls all seem to be having fun, as they hit the photo booths and just having fun. Clare feels she has faded to the back and wishes she could have him all to herself. They head over to get fish pedicures now! The fish seem to love Renee’s feet, which is funny because she hates it!

They head out to the markets and Clare said she did not want to eat octopus, so Juan Pablo heads right to get some octopus! She is being way too dramatic for a little piece of meat and I love how Kelly said we all know she has swallowed bigger things!!!!

We have the evening portion of the group date on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and some of the ladies are worried about being in the friend zone and have not gotten that kiss from him. He grabs Renee first and is glad, since she has not had that time with him for a while and has yet to get that kiss. He claims he has kissed six girls so far and wants to make a good example for his daughter, so no kissing tonight. What??? So, no kiss for Renee.

Andi wants to get to know more about Juan Pablo, so she starts on the surface and asks about hobbies. He said he likes dancing and she said he didn’t have that great of dance moves earlier!!! They are cute together and he wants to kiss her, but he promised himself he would not and he doesn’t! Lauren asks for a kiss and he says no because he has a daughter. Bring on the tears, since he has kissed other girls and now she thinks he doesn’t want her.

My question: where did this no-kissing, I have a daughter attitude come from? He was all over Sharleen and Nikki tonight, but that doesn’t count???

As Andi and Kelly make fun of Clare and how she is acting, Clare gets her alone time with Juan Pablo. She put the nix on the kissing thing with Juan Pablo after their first date and now she wants it back. And, of course, he breaks the rules and kisses Clare and says it feels very right right now. What would his daughter think??? Despite the kiss, he gives the rose to Andi, who did not get that second kiss, but it worked for her.

Time for the Cocktail Party and Juan Pablo is interested to see how the women act and maybe some drama forming. There was an agreement between the women with roses already (Nikki, Sharleen and Andi), that they would lay low and give the other women more time with Juan Pablo.That did not last, as Clare is alone with Juan Pablo and Nikki comes and interrupts them because she wants time with him! Clare is pissed and don’t take her kindness for weakness. They do get in a little argument, but it is nothing crazy. Chris Harrison comes in and pulls Juan Pablo away for the Rose Ceremony.

Time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2014 tonight. We have Nikki, Sharleen and Andi with a rose. The other women getting a rose tonight are Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli, Clare and Kat, so I guess her dance moves did pay off, huh? That means Lauren and Elise have been eliminated tonight on The Bachelor Season 18.

Juan Pablo and the women will leave the next day and head to Vietnam!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 tonight?

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