How they figure out the dates on The Bachelor 2014 is beyond me, but it looks like we are going to see some major drama tonight on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers and these women are not liking the fact they have to share Juan Pablo Galavis with the other 15 women remaining on The Bachelor Season 18! We have a soccer competition tonight between the ladies on the group date, which always ends ugly as they compete to take part in the evening portion of the date on The Bachelor 2014. Watch the claws come out with us during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor 2014, it was time for the first one-on-one and group dates for Juan Pablo. We got to see winter wonderlands, electric runs and naked photo shoots. And we may have seen Clare Crawley step out as a frontrunnerWe also got a chance to see Victoria drink a little too much at the evening portion of the group date. Needless to say, she made a fool out of herself and Juan Pablo sent her home packing! At the Rose Ceremony, he also sent home Amy L. and Chantel, who were both shocked to get eliminated.

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 3, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we start with the girls at the mansion and wondering who will get that first date card. In comes host Chris Harrison and he brings in the first date card, which is a one-on-one date for Cassandra. She was all ready to go home last week, so I guess he is trying to show he is not wasting her time.

Now we see Juan Pablo with his daughter Camila and make us think he cares about her and spending time with her. Anyone else think this is such an act? They leave and Cassandra arrives and they go driving in some funky vehicle. They are driving around the city and seeing the water and enjoying the time, but then Juan Pablo drives it right into the water and apparently it is also a boat/car! It looks very cool and they are having some fun.

Back at the mansion we see Renee and Elise talk about Elise’s mom and her death and why she is on the show. Then back to the date and they ditch the water car and find their huge boat for the next portion of the date. They dive in and, of course, doing some making out in the water.

Now for the evening portion of the date and it is at Juan Pablo’s place, who apparently sent Camila to his parents for the night. He wants her to get comfortable in his house and is making dinner for her. She seems uncomfortable, so he turns on the music and they do some dancing. She is a former NBA dancer, so this should be easy for her on The Bachelor 2014.

Back at the mansion and the date card comes in. It is a group date for Kelly, Renee, Sharleen, Danielle, Alli, Lauren, Christy, Lucy, Nikki and Andi.

The whole date seems to focus on Cassandra’s nerves and being nervous and then Juan Pablo wanting to make sure where things stand between the two of them. They share pictures of their kids and blah blah. He tells her he takes these things seriously and he wants to get to know her even more, so he offers her the date rose and she accepts it!

Hey, did you know The Bachelor Juan Pablo used to play soccer? Well, ABC lets us know with a group date at the field of the L.A. Galaxy. He gets to kick the ball around with some of the players as the women arrive in a limo. This is the first date of the season for Sharleen, so she doesn’t know what to expect. He just wants to see who is having fun and going with the flow, but Alli has played soccer her whole life and feels like she has an advantage.

They spend some time practicing before taking the field. Kelly is complaining about playing a sport and not having fun, which Juan Pablo seems to notice. Sharleen has never played or worn cleats, but she is trying. The girls split up and it is Blue versus Red. Blue scores first and things get rough, as Sharleen has never played before and is using all of her body to block the balls! The Red Team goes on a roll and scores lots of goals, so Juan Pablo comes out and helps the Blue Team. It was an all-around fun day and everyone gets time with him for the night portion of the date on The Bachelor 2014!

Time for the cocktail party portion of the date back at the soccer field and Nikki gets the first alone time with Juan Pablo, yet again. She is worried about being there and getting hurt. He says he wants her to be there and she is sexy and something about her. She felt the connection was great, but did not go in for the kiss. Andi says he is easy to look at, but there is more there. They head to the kitchen and the making out begins.

Back at the mansion and Elise had a dream the date was for her, but the date card comes and it is for Chelsie! And Elise is a mess and getting bitchy. For the group date, all of the women seem to think the night is going well for them and they are all having moments with him and think they are getting the rose. Now in the middle of the soccer field, Sharleen spends time with him and the kissing begins and all the girls can see them! Anyone else think it is beyond awkward kiss??? The date comes to an end and the group date rose goes to Nikki, who is shocked after that makeout session with Sharleen. Now Sharleen and Andi both question their connection with Juan Pablo now.

Time for the final date of the night and Juan Pablo comes to the mansion to pick up Chelsie. He apologizes to Elise for not giving her a date and she is happy and thinks he looked at her first, so the connection is there and he needs to figure it out with Chelsie. She proceeds to go on and on and on and on about Chelsie being a little girl and Juan Pablo wants a stepmom for Camila and Chelsie will end up going home.

For the date, they do some driving and listen to Spanish music and do some car dancing. They go to a Venezuelan restaurant and enjoy some food, which Chelsie seems to love and Juan Pablo is impressed. They walk to the bridge and find the platform and they will be doing a tandem ankle bungee jump! Chelsie is scared, but we all know she will do this. They get on the platform and she is freaking out and is terrified and crying and doesn’t know if she can do it and blah! Juan Pablo tells her a million times she doesn’t need to do this and it won’t ruin the day, but he gained her trust and the jump happens….finally! And apparently hanging from the bridge upside down is the perfect time to kiss, as they share their first kiss together.

The City Hall in Pasadena is the site for the evening portion of their date and it is very beautiful there for their dinner. Juan Pablo sees the motherly instincts in Chelsie. Meanwhile, Elise is still back at the mansion and going off about Chelsie being a baby and so young. Elise is 27 years old and Chelsie is 24 years old. What about Cassandra, who is 21 years old? Elise is bitter and probably going home tonight!

Back at the date, Juan Pablo thinks it has been a great date and day and he learned a lot about her, so he gives the rose to her and she gladly accepts it. Elise is going to be pissed! To end the night, they get a special concert from Billy Currington and they share some more dancing and kissing.

To surprise the women, Juan Pablo comes to the mansion to cook them breakfast on the day of the Rose Ceremony. Kelly is the first one to see him, as she was taking out her dog. She runs upstairs to put on her face. Renee is the first to come in and acknowledge him and doesn’t even care. No makeup and not brushing her teeth, but she doesn’t care and I like that. She is just comfortable with who she is and she is becoming my favorite. How about you?

The breakfast was a success and he had a ton of fun, so he is canceling the cocktail party and having a pool party in it’s place! The joys of a pool party: girls in bikinis and the drama of all of them wanting time with Juan Pablo. They are all annoyed with Kat and her trying to hog all of his time. Sharleen is now worried about this whole situation and if she is the right girl for him. Do you think she can make it to the end when she always questions being there? She talks with Juan Pablo and he comforts her and makes her cry and then they kiss, but all of the girls are watching and getting angry. Clare is getting emotional because she likes Juan Pablo and had a moment with him last week, but now has no time with him this week. Yup, the jinx of getting that first date on The Bachelor 2014!

We are into Week 3 on The Bachelor Season 18 and this is the third breakdown we have had and girls crying. Every time a girl has cried, Renee has been there to comfort them. I don’t know if she wants more camera time or what, but I think it is her motherly instinct coming out and she may be the House Mom?

Clare is still having her breakdown and wants some reassurance from The Bachelor Juan Pablo on where things stand with them. She talks with him and says it is not a jealousy thing, but she wishes it was her going on all these other dates. Isn’t that jealousy??? She feels more relaxed and reassured after their talk. Then Chris Harrison comes in and breaks up the party and we have our Rose Ceremony coming up!

Time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2014. Nikki, Cassandra and Chelsie have roses from the dates and are safe tonight. The other women safe tonight are: Andi, Renee, Kelly, Sharleen, Elise, Kat, Alli, Clare, Lauren and Danielle. That means that Lucy and Christy have been eliminated tonight on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor 2014 tonight?

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