We saw a major The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers last night, as ABC shared a promo video for what happens in New Zealand and it looks like some major things will go down, like Sharleen Joynt leaving The Bachelor 2014??? She has been wishy-washy all season long and will it finally come to an end and Sharleen quits The Bachelor Season 18? We have some details in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers below!


For those of you that missed the promo video last night on The Bachelor Season 18, here it is one more time:

So, it looks like Sharleen is questioning being on the show, yet again. She seems to question her connection with Juan Pablo one second and then is making out with him the next and falling for him. I am sick of her! Anyone else???

It appears it happens again while the ladies are in New Zealand with The Bachelor Juan Pablo and does she actually quit this time??? NO! She waits it out and actually gets the group date rose in New Zealand, so she has to stay! Reality Steve tells us that she waits it out one more week and after a successful one-on-one date with Juan Pablo in Miami, she later decides this is not for her and tells Juan Pablo she is leaving The Bachelor 2014!

I did use to like her, but now I say good riddance. She is a drama queen and not a right fit to be on a show like this. She knew what she signed up for, correct????

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