After weeks of watching The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 travel the world and go on dates with the women on The Bachelor Season 18, the end as come and it is time to find out the winner of The Bachelor 2014! We are down to Clare Crawley and Nikki Ferrell and one of them will walk away with the final rose on The Bachelor 2014 finale, but which one? Find out who won The Bachelor 2014 tonight during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers - Finale

Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, we took a week off from all the action during the taping of the season and had the Women Tell All special. The eliminated women on The Bachelor 2014 took to the stage to sit down with Bachelor host Chris Harrison to dish on things we didn’t see. What didn’t we see? Well, it seems like all of the women were not impressed with Juan Pablo and how he did not seem genuine in wanting to be there! Jilted exes? I would say the very least. It got harsh at times and I almost felt bad for Juan Pablo, which is hard for me to even type!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Finale, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who won The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…I guess we start tonight with a look back at Juan Pablo and Andi? Why are we living that back? We have Chris Harrison in the studio with some familiar faces and we are live!

We head out to St. Lucia and time for the final two women to meet Juan Pablo’s family. His family is all there and his niece and daughter. Up first tonight is Clare! He said they had a misunderstanding in Vietnam, but he is keeping his eye on her today and how she is with his family! Clare said they made her feel so comfortable and welcome and they were so loving and she loved seeing him be a Daddy to his daughter.

She sits down with his mother and she said their communication is great and had a misunderstanding, but they worked and talked it out. She said he is honest and it can hurt sometimes, which I guess goes back to Juan Pablo. She sits down with his cousin and said she is falling in love with him and has been and only says it when she means it.

Juan Pablo now sits down with his cousin and he said Clare is in love. He said she is willing to work with you and if Juan Pablo finds a potential wife then go all in. And Juan Pablo’s father loves Clare and tells her. Clare thinks anyone would be so lucky to be a part of this family. Clare and Juan Pablo talk and she knows he was raised correctly and you could tell that with his family. She said it is getting harder and harder to say goodbye to The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014. He has her heart and so does his family now!

Chris Harrison plugs After The Final Rose, as Juan Pablo promises their is a surprise tonight! Does he propose???

Now it is time for Nikki to meet Juan Pablo’s family on The Bachelor 2014. She has met some of them, but here we go again! Nikki gets there and talks about their journey on the show and where they have been. It appears that Juan Pablo’s Dad is easy-going, as he seems to love both girls. She tells his Mom that he is the kind of guy she wants and tells her she is in love with him. His Mom thinks he may be ready for this. She talks to his cousin and thinks Juan Pablo is passionate and if they fight and how would it be. He was hoping to have a better understanding of who he should pick, but he thinks Juan Pablo has a tough choice to make!

Juan Pablo said his family enjoyed both of them and he can see it with both of them and wonders if he can keep both of them! Chris Harrison said that is not an option!

We get some words from the audience about who they think Juan Pablo picks and then we chat with Sean and Catherine Lowe about Juan Pablo and she said he is a good guy, but she can understand where the women on this season are coming from because he has a weird way of showing his passion.

Back to The Bachelor 2014 finale and it looks like we have one more date for both the ladies. Is this normal? I was wondering why things were moving so quickly! Clare is up first and they are boarding the helicopter for a ride! He is holding her close and kissing on the helicopter ride. There is a rare moment on the ride and there are no cameras and audio as it lands and Juan Pablo whispers in her ear something, but it is something sexual and she is pissed! She is feeling disrespectful and wants him to now say there is something more than a physical thing or she is out of there!

Time for the evening portion of things and Clare is not happy. She wants to be more than a hookup, but not telling us what exactly Juan Pablo said! He said she doesn’t know him and he doesn’t really know her. She calls him out on it and needs to know if it is more than a physical thing. He gets so awkward when he is confronted about things and said he is being honest, yet again. He said there are things she might not like about him and things he might not like about her. This is beyond awkward!

He tries to explain that he can see himself with her. He said this is hard and it is a proposal for him and his daughter and he has been going over this in his head. He is struggling and she said this is what she wants to hear and not that he likes kissing her. He mentions having babies with her and he feels great. She said it was important for her to tell him how she feels and it hurt today. I guess she now feels there is more than a physical attraction and she should be there. He said he likes her a lot and she knows they have something special.

Now it is time for Nikki and her date with Juan Pablo on The Bachelor 2014. They head out on the boat and are talking about the time with his family. She tells him that he may be guarded at times, but he said when he feels it he will open up. She is getting in her own head and thinking too much, but she thinks they have something special and he can’t have that with anyone else.

The evening portion has arrived and she just wants to hear him say that he loves her and wants to know it is her who he picks! They talk about the journey and we have some awkward silence. She didn’t think she would be this nervous tonight, but he said it is going to be okay. She said she has never been with someone where it felt so right and wants forever with him. She gives him a present and she sits waiting for him to say “I love you” and no luck for her as he heads out! And Nikki sits and cries, as now she is wondering where his head is at.

The time has come on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and he will make his final choice! The Neil Lane ring is in place and the ladies are getting ready! They both think they could leave her engaged, but one of them will not and they both possibly could! The boats are heading to the spot and Juan Pablo is in place and up first is Clare, who is escorted to Juan Pablo by Chris Harrison. Winner or loser going first?

He sits there in silence, so she starts talking and talking….shut up, girl and let him say his peace and you won’t look like an idiot! He tells her they have had their ups and downs and he wants her to be there and this is the hardest decision ever. He said he has been honest from the beginning and he has to follow what he thinks is best for him and he has to send her home! He goes to give her a hug and she stops him!!! She said she needed reassurance from him the other night and thought she knew him. She lays it into him and it is not pretty! She said she would never want her children to have a father like him and walks off. That just got real and when she is gone, he says he is glad he didn’t pick her! Who wants to slap him??? I’ve never been a fan of Clare this season, but I am Team Clare right now!

Now it is time for Nikki to go in front of The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and see if he gets down on one knee with that rock. She thanks him for this experience and wants him to be a part of her life. He tells her that there are so many things that he loves about her and she is like him with the honesty. He has a perfect time every time he is with her. He said he has a ring in his pocket and he is not going to use it. He is not 100% sure if he wants to propose, but he is 100% sure he doesn’t want to let her go. He gives her the final rose and she accepts!


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