The journey on The Bachelor 2014 came to an end last night during The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 finale and we saw Nikki Ferrell accept that final rose from Juan Pablo, but no proposal! We also saw Clare Crawley lay into The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 when he rejected her and sent her home packing. I have not been a fan of Clare all season long, but that interaction was beyond priceless and made me join Team Clare! She speaks out about The Bachelor 2014 finale below in our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 18, there were some very awkward moments during the three hours of programming. It all started during the final date for Clare and Juan Pablo. They went on a helicopter ride and during the landing the cameras were off and no audio. This is when Juan Pablo whispered in her ear and apparently said some inappropriate things! Clare was offended and hinted at him saying he didn’t know who she really was and she didn’t know who he was, but she would not say what he fully said. It was sexual, so we could only imagine what he said!

They discussed it during the evening portion of their date and Juan Pablo smoothed things over with Clare and she was back to being happy. She got all dolled up and went to meet Juan Pablo, who then told her she was not the one for him and fireworks went off! She laid into him and pushed him away when he went in for a hug! She said some pretty harsh things, including not wanting her children to have a man like him as a father! When she was gone, Juan Pablo did say I am glad I didn’t pick her, which was never discussed!

At the After the Final Rose special, Clare talked about the finale and chose not to talk with The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and said she is “over it” and moving past it all. She had one last tweet to share with everyone: