It looks like the Hometown Dates are up for grabs tonight on The Bachelor 2019! Yes, Colton Underwood will be determining which four ladies will be bringing him home to meet their families tonight on The Bachelor Season 23. And he does this while visiting his own hometown of Denver, as one special lady gets the chance to meet Colton’s family during a one-on-one date! Check out a sneak peek look at Week 7 below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 7 Sneak Peek 4

Before we watch Week 7 on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight, it is time to check out the official synopsis from ABC right here:

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“The pressure mounts as Colton and the seven remaining women return to the U.S. and his hometown of Denver. He decides to meet with popular Bachelor Ben Higgins for his advice, sharing his fear of being blindsided by a bachelorette who is not as serious as he is. Tayshia and Colton escape to explore Denver, but she shares some earth-shattering news with him that shakes his world. Caelynn meets Colton on the ski slopes for a day of fun. Country music star Brett Young builds the romance with a surprise concert for the couple. Colton and Hannah B. look into the future by going house hunting and meet up with Colton’s parents at the last stop. The four women who are left travel to a cozy rest stop in the mountains with the Bachelor, but a shaken Colton is faced with deciding which women he can trust for this next important step of visiting their hometowns. One woman throws another under the bus as everyone’s emotions run high, and it is left to Colton to make his toughest decision yet. Will he live to regret it?”

You know there is going to be major drama tonight, especially since those hometown dates are on the line! ABC gave us some sneak peek photos for tonight, so check them out here:

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