We have made our way down to the final three women on The Bachelor 2019, as The Bachelor Colton Underwood has some tough decisions to make in the next two weeks! One of the women remaining on The Bachelor Season 23 happens to be Hannah Godwin, which may shock some people. However, there are a lot of people in Bachelor Nation that happen to be Team Hannah G, also, so how far does Hannah Godwin make it on the show? Check out the details below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - How Far Does Hannah Godwin Make It

Monday night on The Bachelor 2019, it was the Hometown Dates and it was a search for Colton to get the blessing from each and every father. Two notable things happened during these hometown dates, which both involved Cassie. She was the only woman that didn’t tell Colton that she was either in love with or falling in love with him, which upset him. Also, her father was the only father to not give his blessing for Colton to propose. Despite all of that, Cassie got a rose and Colton ended up sending Caelynn home!

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This is where things get interesting, especially for Hannah G. With the fantasy suite dates this week, the ladies seemed nervous, but excited for it to happen. However, Hannah G. won’t even get the chance to experience, even though she has made it into the final three women!

Yes, the drama coming up is intense and it starts with Colton going on his overnight date with Tayshia and then with Cassie. Major drama on Cassie’s date turns into her quitting the show and then Colton going to chase after her, as he knows she is the one. That leaves Hannah G. without an overnight date and out of the competition!

Do you think Hannah G. gets the boot this week on The Bachelor 2019?

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