The producers of The Bachelor 2019 gave us an extended look at The Bachelor Season 23, as Colton Underwood is now down to the final seven women on The Bachelor 2019! The tensions are getting higher and Colton seems to be losing his mind, but not his ability to high-jump a fence, which we see again in this extended look! Check out the preview below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Season 23 Preview - Colton Underwood Jumps Fence

Monday night on The Bachelor Season 23, it was a matter of finishing up things from last week and the drama at the Cocktail Party between Onyeka and Nicole. Then we moved into a new week of dates and drama in Vietnam, as three women were eliminated during the show and all three women left telling Colton to watch out for the remaining women, as some of them are not there for the right reasons. By the third lady, Colton started to question things and was a dramatic mess by the end of the show!

[PHOTOS: Click here to meet Colton’s final four women!]

No doubt about it, there is going to be A LOT more drama coming up this season, even if there are only seven women left. Colton seems to be a mess and is crying a lot and not sure if women are there for the right reasons. We see Cassie talking about him being terrified and Colton saying he doesn’t know what he’s going to do, even heading into Hometown Dates!

The kicker and something people have been talking about is that fence jump by Colton, which is kind of amazing! He told Bustle:

“Fantasy Suites week was the biggest week in the whole entire journey. The jump was the most emotional and the most physical that I had to be the entire season. I will also say that fence jump is the most pivotal moment. That was a game-changer. That night changed how everything went.”

So, it sounds like it comes during the Fantasy Suites, huh? Check out the new preview for the remaining part of The Bachelor Season 23 here:

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