The previews for Week 5 on The Bachelor 2019 are giving us some twists and turns for Colton Underwood and the women on The Bachelor Season 23, but does Elyse Dehlbom leave the show on her own? We have your The Bachelor 2019 spoilers here and the answer to that very question, so keep reading!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Elyse Leaves The Show

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, Colton and the ladies packed their bags and made their way to Singapore! Very early for leaving the United States, right? Regardless, Colton enjoyed two one-on-one dates with Caelynn and Tayshia, which Caelynn’s date was making headlines all week, and a group date. We saw drama between Demi and Courtney, which resulted in Demi telling Colton that Courtney was the cancer of the group and it must have worked, as Colton did send her home that night. He also sent home Tracy Shapoff, which left us with 13 women on the season.

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Now for this new week, Colton and the remaining women will be heading out to Thailand and the previews are showing Colton lying in bed with one of the ladies and saying he doesn’t normally do that after a first date. That would mean it’s not Elyse in bed with Colton, as they had a date a couple weeks ago! However, the previews have Elyse saying she made a really stupid mistake, which you can see here:

Thanks to Reality Steve and his spoilers, it turns out we know what happened, somewhat. We don’t have the exact details, but from the previews and Reality Steve, it looks like Elyse does eliminate herself during the episode. He says it’s because she wasn’t feeling it with Colton and by the dress she is wearing and Colton getting upset, it looks like it comes during the Cocktail Party!

What do you think of Elyse leaving The Bachelor Season 23?

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