The winner of The Bachelor 2019 will be determined this upcoming week, as the two-night Bachelor Finale airs for Colton Underwood. As The Bachelor Season 23 episode ended this past week, Colton seems to be in a little bind and we all want to know how it all plays out, right? Well, find out in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers below!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Season 23 Winner Details - Bachelor Finale

Monday night on The Bachelor Season 23, not gonna lie, it felt like a wasted night. It was the Women Tell All special and did anyone care to see this? You know everyone is wondering what happens with Colton after he jumped that fence to end Monday night’s episode! However, we had to sit through two hours of the women all trying to yell over each other. Demi was being Demi and we had some randoms make their way into the camera to try and get some camera time.

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The extended look at the Bachelor Finale ended with Colton knocking on someone’s door. The audience at the Women Tell All was shocked and wanted to see more, which is where these updated spoilers from Reality Steve come into play!

You can find all the details here, but we all know that producers find Colton and basically he says peace out to all of this! We aren’t sure if Colton tells Tayshia and Hannah G. goodbye in Portugal and then heads back to the United States to chase down Cassie, but we are assuming that’s how it plays out.

However, we think he’s either knocking on Cassie’s door or knocking on Hannah G. or Tayshia’s door, as he tells them goodbye. He finds Cassie and he convinces her that they can take it slower and just be in a relationship at the end of this all and an engagement is not needed. She agrees (since she knows she can end it a week after the Bachelor Finale and no one will care, but this makes for great television and we all know that was her plan coming into this)! So, Cassie will be the winner of The Bachelor 2019 and we should have lots of tears for this Bachelor Finale!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Cassie Randolph winner

So, how long until Cassie and Colton call it quits once the Bachelor Finale airs?

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