It was a very awkward hometown date for Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood on The Bachelor 2019 last night! While Tayshia and Kirpa both tried to warn Colton that Cassie was not ready for an engagement on The Bachelor Season 23, he did not listen and now we are in this boat and watching it all play out in front of us, but does Cassie Randolph quit The Bachelor Season 23? Find out the details below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Cassie Randolph Quits The Show

Last night on The Bachelor Season 23, Colton made his way around the country for his hometown dates. The last date of the night was with Cassie, as she took him surfing during the day and then they met her family at night. Colton was adamant about getting the father’s blessing from each father, which is so wrong.

Anyway, she initially said that she thinks she may be falling in love with Colton, but how her family reacts to him will help give her that final decision she needs. Then she sits down with her sister and father and tells both of them that she is NOT ready to be engaged, but would not be in this if she did not see it going in that direction.

Now, I can get on board with that, as they’ve only known each other a few weeks now and have gone on like two dates. However, she also denied the same claims by Kirpa and Tayshia last week on The Bachelor 2019, but now she admits she is not ready to be engaged?

Of course, Colton did not hear any of this play out with Cassie’s conversations, yet he was there for a very important awkward situation. They ended the night and no “I think I’m falling in love with you” from Cassie! The other ladies all said it (Caelynn even said she was in love with him), yet he keeps Cassie around!

According to Reality Steve, this is where it gets interesting! They go on their Overnight Dates next week and Tayshia gets hers and then it’s Cassie’s turn and during that date, she decides this isn’t for her. She can’t see herself getting engaged and decides to quit the show! Yes, she leaves Colton!!!

From there, Colton is pissed and this is when he jumps the fence. He knows that Cassie is the one for him, so he proceeds to end things with Tayshia and Hannah G. (she doesn’t even get her overnight date)! It looks like Colton comes back to the States and hunts down Cassie and they chat and spend time together and he says they don’t have to get engaged and can date. It looks like she agrees, as they are supposedly together and dating now, but no engagement! So, Cassie Rnadolph quits the show and still ends up the winner of The Bachelor Season 23!

What do you think of this hot mess on The Bachelor 2019?

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