After an elimination on The Bachelor 2019 that many didn’t see coming, we have Caelynn Miller-Keyes no longer on The Bachelor Season 23. Of course, she made it to the Hometown Dates for this season and that makes people start wondering if The Bachelorette 2019 could be Caelynn after that awkward elimination by Colton Underwood? The buzz is going on in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers below!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Caelynn

Monday night on The Bachelor 2019, it was the Hometown Dates and it was a search for Colton to get the blessing from each and every father. Two notable things happened during these hometown dates, which both involved Cassie. She was the only woman that didn’t tell Colton that she was either in love with or falling in love with him, which upset him. Also, her father was the only father to not give his blessing for Colton to propose. Despite all of that, Cassie got a rose and Colton ended up sending Caelynn home!

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Despite being eliminated with only four women remaining, does anyone truly think that Caelynn has a chance of being named The Bachelorette? I definitely am not getting that vibe from Caelynn, even though I am sure she would drop everything for the chance.

However, she had women accusing her of only being on The Bachelor Season 23 in order to become the next Bachelorette. That doesn’t sit well, as many people would think she is only doing the show for the fame, if she actually got it.

Usually the producer’s pick is someone that either caused a lot of drama on the show or had everyone in Bachelor Nation rooting for them the entire season. Caelynn did not do either, so I am thinking she is not the final pick!

So, do you think Caelynn Miller-Keyes could be The Bachelorette 2019?

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