The women on The Bachelor 2019 return tonight on ABC to not only confront each other, but also confront Colton Underwood. Tears will be shed and claws will come out, as The Bachelor Season 23 women have some issues to work out and Chris Harrison to help guide them through it all. Watch with us tonight during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap and see the Women Tell All on The Bachelor 2019 tonight!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Women Tell All Special

Last night on The Bachelor Season 23, we got to see the Overnight Dates for Colton and the final three women, sort of! This whole episode was kind of a hot mess, as they traveled to Portugal for these fantasy suite dates. If you haven’t heard, Colton is a virgin! Yeah, it was mentioned like 2,000 times last night. Colton had his date with Tayshia and no sex was had. Next up was Cassie and after Colton told her that her father did not give him his blessing, she seemed to lose control. She was confused, so amazingly (sarcasm), her father shows up in Portugal to chat. This basically makes her believe she is not ready for this and loves Colton, but doesn’t know if she can get to the same level as him ever. She eliminates herself and Colton goes jumping fences because he is done too!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Breakups and Breakdowns

Apparently we kick off this Women Tell All by looking back at some of the biggest breakups and breakdowns from Bachelor history. Do the women want to see this? Lots of tears here, as we see Ashley I. in there. Kelsey and her fake panic attack. The men are crying too, but it ends with Colton and that fence-jumping moment.

That Fence Jump

Nicole said it felt so raw. Heather wonders how he could go on with the other two women now. Apparently we are just going to watch Colton shower all night?

Hannah B. thought Colton was hot and was glad, as he checked off a lot of boxes for her. Demi said she was excited to explore a man that is a virgin.

The Rivalries

There were some rivalries between the women on The Bachelor 2019! We start with Catherine, as she interrupted four times on Night 1. Now the Onyeka and Nicole battle and Nicole said she was bullied. Sydney said Onyeka was just there to make noise. The ladies just yell and all talk about each other. Onyeka said the person Nicole was on camera was not the person she was off camera. It’s all just stupid, as every woman seems to be calling Nicole out and she can’t say a word.

The Warnings

A lot of women warned Colton when leaving about other women not being there for the right reasons. Katie said she didn’t see values lining up with Colton’s. Katie said she was talking about Caelynn and Cassie were the ones talking about being the next Bachelorette and it was on the bus. Caelynn defends herself, but the other women say she is lying. They all call her out on this and it’s obvious that Caelynn said it and she is so lying here!

Oh Demi

She said she was clapping back at the Cougar Club. Tracy said she was trying to have fun, but Demi took it to the next level. Courtney said Demi acted like a child. Demi said it’s 2019 and Courtney has still not talked to Colton. Demi apologizes for saying that Courtney was the cancer of the house and she was more like bedbugs of the house. Courtney said Demi is a child, so she goes over and pushes a pacifier into her mouth!

Demi Takes The Hot Seat

Well, she didn’t get enough time last segment, so now she takes the hot seat. They start by taking some time to look at her time on The Bachelor 2019! We look back at that awkward phone call with her mother who just got out of prison. She said being vulnerable is not easy for her, so it makes her emotional seeing it when he dumped her. She said she fell for Colton and wanted to be the final one in the end. They end with Chris saying he has a feeling we’ll be seeing more of her in the future, so Demi will be joining the Bachelor in Paradise cast this summer, you know that!

Nicole Takes The Hot Seat

The women didn’t let her talk earlier, so now she gets some time in the hot seat. She may be the new Ashley I., as she is crying for everything! She said she is not afraid to show her emotions and the journey has been hard. She wanted to give it all she had. Apparently she is getting a year’s supply of Halo Top to help her get through her emotions. Colton got some too in the shower, as well as the audience!

Hannah B. Takes The Hot Seat

Yeah, the audience definitely loves her, so could she be the next Bachelorette? We look back at her journey on the show. Watching her journey makes me feel so bad for her during that dinner and him sending her home. She said she comes from a life of needing to be perfect and the pageants, so it was hard for her to be vulnerable. She said she is a better person and allowed her to see what she deserves. She ends with Chris giving her a chance to re-do that toast from the first date.

Caelynn Takes The Hot Seat

Of course, we start with taking a look back at her journey on The Bachelor Season 23. She said seeing it again brings her immediately back to that place. She said she was left standing there wondering what the hell happened. Chris said hopefully she can get some answers tonight. They talk about her sexual assault and how much that impacted Bachelor nation and he gives her props for that.

Colton Takes The Hot Seat

He said he is nervous. Chris said not to run on him again! Caelynn wants to know when he knew it wasn’t her, as she knew it to the very end. Colton said that Rose Ceremony was the hardest. He basically said he has no reason for it and can’t clarify things for her. Hannah B. has some positive words for Colton, which is nice to hear. Sydney asks if Colton is still a virgin, which he doesn’t answer. Demi thinks he is and said he missed a good time in the fantasy suite with her!

Colton then talks about jumping the fence. He said not being loved back was hard for him. He had to realize that just because he was The Bachelor did not mean that they had to love him and they could leave on their own too.

Bloopers and Bachelor Finale Preview

Of course, the Women Tell All ends with a look back at the season and the bloopers. Lots of bugs and lots of Hannah B. Colton apparently liked to say “nailed it” all season long. From there, we go into a preview for the Bachelor Finale and what’s to come next week!

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