It’s a big night for Colton Underwood on The Bachelor 2019, as it is time for the fantasy suite dates on The Bachelor Season 23! The final three women on The Bachelor 2019 are in place and Colton is ready to jump that fence tonight. Why does he do it and does it have anything to do with the fact that he is supposed to be staying overnight with these ladies? Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 9 Recap - Overnight Dates

Last week on The Bachelor 2019, it was the Hometown Dates and it was a search for Colton to get the blessing from each and every father. Two notable things happened during these hometown dates, which both involved Cassie. She was the only woman that didn’t tell Colton that she was either in love with or falling in love with him, which upset him. Also, her father was the only father to not give his blessing for Colton to propose. Despite all of that, Cassie got a rose and Colton ended up sending Caelynn home!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


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Here we go…

Wrapping It Up

We go back to last week, as we see Colton talking with Chris Harrison about the fantasy suites and his virginity. Then Colton goes back to the ladies and tells them they are heading to Portugal tonight!


Colton and the ladies all arrive in Portugal and we take a look back at the season for each of them. A lot of fantasy suite talk.

Tayshia’s Date

Up first is Tayshia! They are heading to a place that is known to be magical in Portugal, as they head out and jump on a helicopter! It’s beautiful and then they land and do some chatting, as she was glad her family liked him and he was glad to get her dad’s approval. He said he is excited to have intimate conversations in the fantasy suites. They sit on a cliff with a beautiful view and they can’t stop talking about Colton being a virgin. Then they head up to the lighthouse, which is so cool to see.

Time for the evening portion of their date, as Tayshia said she is in love with Colton heading into the date. Colton said he is hoping that Tayshia is ready to take their relationship to the next level. We have tape issues for Tayshia’s dress, so boob check going on! Apparently Tayshia’s first time was with her husband. She talks about her ex-husband cheating on her. He said he is blown away by the person she is today with what she’s been through.

Lots of kissing going on here, but then Colton brings out that envelope! It looks like they are getting out of there and heading to the fantasy suite on The Bachelor 2019! Tayshia said if Colton has a big smile the next day, we can all guess why! Will he lose his virginity on this first date?

Did They Do It???

The morning arrives and Colton definitely has a big smile on his face, so did they do it? Nope, as Tayshia said she could see he was nervous and she did not push anything. She said they didn’t have the physical intimacy she wanted, but was still happy with how it all went. Colton tells us that he is not in love with Tayshia, but falling in love with her still and that’s why they did not do it.

Cassie’s Date

Colton said he is falling hard for Cassie and today could change everything. They are both excited to be in Europe and have a little car ready to go explore the city! He said there is something about her. She said that Colton is so easy to love, yet she can’t tell him she is falling in love with him??? He said moments like today with Cassie is how he wants his life to be. He said any doubts about Cassie were put away today and he thinks she is falling for him. He tells us that he knows he is in love with her!

They continue their day date and share some wine together. Cassie said after today, she can see a future with Colton, but she wishes she had more time. He tells her that he can see himself fitting into her family. Colton tells her that he did not get her father’s blessing, which Cassie is shocked by. This really gets to her, as she said she is so confused by that. She said it makes sense, but it makes her frustrated. Colton said it doesn’t change how he feels about her or where they are with things. She tells us that her family’s blessing means a lot and now is confused on where things stand between her and Colton.

A Surprise Visitor

Well, isn’t that convenient? After Colton dropping the news of her father not giving his approval, Cassie’s dad just shows up in Portugal! He shows up at Cassie’s door and she is blown away. He is there to make sure Cassie is in love and seeing with both eyes open and is worried about an engagement looming.

She said going home, she thought it would clear things up for her, but it made her doubt it more. She said she thinks she is in love with Colton, but wants more time. She doesn’t want it to end, but is nervous about the end coming and a proposal. She said she wants to be 100% confident in it and she does not have it right now. Her dad told her to be brutally honest with Colton and let the chips fall where they may. She said she is going to go into the night being very honest, but it could be one of the hardest nights of her life.

Cassie Sending Herself Home?

After her talk with her father, Cassie said she has clarity and knows what she has to do: send herself home! Meanwhile, we see Colton excited for the night portion and what comes later. He said he loves Cassie and his heart is complete when he is with her. She arrives and they share wine together. If she is sending herself home, why isn’t she just putting that out there right away?

She tells Colton that her dad did show up today. She said she loves him so much and today was perfect, but she’s not in love with him and she’s having doubts about it all. He asks if she was planning on leaving tonight and Cassie says yes! She isn’t sure if she can get there in the end and doesn’t know. She can’t take it and walks away, as she said she doesn’t know and is so confused. Colton goes to get her and they talk. Cassie said she hates this and she wanted to be excited for tonight and not confused. He tells her he is okay with being patient and he doesn’t want to lose her, as he brings her back inside to talk some more.

He said all he thinks about is her, even when he is on the dates with the other women. She thinks she should know by now, but he disagrees. He said it’s okay to take her time and this doesn’t have to end with an engagement. He doesn’t know what she is struggling with and where she stands, but he sees she cares for him and he is in love with her. She is worried about the ending and he said the two weeks doesn’t matter and it could be the rest of their lives. Colton says he’s been in relationships where they did not love him back and he wanted tonight to clear up things for him. He tells her at the end of this, he wants to be with her and he loves her.

He Doesn’t Want To Lose Her

Colton beings shaking and says he doesn’t want to lose her. She just doesn’t know if she can get to the same place. She said she can’t do this. He says if she leaves, he doesn’t care and he won’t stop fighting for her. However, she said staying here is making the wrong decision for herself.

It appears that could be the end, as he walks her out. She said she wants him to be with someone that is insanely in love with him. He wants the best for her. She goes, as they hug and kiss it out and tell each other they love them! Um, is it all for show for Cassie? She says she isn’t sure she can get there, but why say she loves him?

Colton is Done?

Colton goes back to his room and said he is done with this. He smacks the camera as he walks by. We hear producers trying to figure out where he went and then Chris Harrison is going after him. The gate is not going to stop him though, as Colton jumps the fence and now the search is on for him, as it is pitch black out. No one knows where he went, as they are searching and we wait until next week to see where this goes!

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