The Bachelor Colton Underwood is heading home tonight on The Bachelor 2019! Yes, we are back in Denver tonight on The Bachelor Season 23, as he decides which four women will be getting hometown dates this season! The pressure is on, as these dates will feature roses to hand out and a guaranteed chance to have Colton meet their families next week, but who gets eliminated on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight? Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Week 7 Recap - Colton Underwood

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, it was a matter of finishing up things from last week and the drama at the Cocktail Party between Onyeka and Nicole. Then we moved into a new week of dates and drama in Vietnam, as three women were eliminated during the show and all three women left telling Colton to watch out for the remaining women, as some of them are not there for the right reasons. By the third lady, Colton started to question things and was a dramatic mess by the end of the show!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 23 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Colton complains in a video message he recorded. These annoy me, but he’s happy they are heading to Denver next, his home.

Bachelors Talk

In Denver, Colton meets up with former Bachelor Ben Higgins. He said he needs answers this week for who is ready and who isn’t ready for this. Colton said he is now falling in love with multiple people. Ben tells him not to be scared.

Tayshia’s One-on-One Date

Colton and Sniper headed out to meet the seven women in Denver. He said each date with have a rose this week and they start right now, as he heads out with Tayshia. She said she is going to spill some tea on this date! Colton decides to take Tayshia to some of the staple places for him to go on a casual Saturday. Tayshia is loving it and on cloud nine right now. He tells her he is not questioning her readiness and knew the other girls weren’t talking about her. He opens it up for Tayshia to spill her tea, so she does it! She says she thinks they were talking about Caelynn and Cassie, as she thinks they are not ready for this and have talked about being the next Bachelorette and what parties they are going to go to after this and not being able to get engaged at the end of this and so on. This totally messes with Colton’s mind though!

For the evening portion, they head to his place and they cook dinner together. He wants to know where her family stands on this whole process and she talks about her last relationship and her dad is apprehensive about things. Colton said he would need a father’s approval before getting down on one knee and Tayshia said it might take a minute, but he’ll come around to Colton. Because of that, Tayshia gets the rose! She walks out with a jersey with his name on it and Colton tells us that he is definitely falling in love with her.

Next Date Card

At the hotel, the ladies get the next date card and it’s a one-on-one for Caelynn! Bring on the tears from the other women on The Bachelor 2019.

Caelynn’s One-on-One Date

They head to the Loveland Ski Area and will go snowboarding today. Colton questions Caelynn on what Tayshia told him the day before, which she says doesn’t make any sense to her. She denies it and says she’s confused and wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want a boyfriend at the end of this. She better get a rose or she will call that bitch out.

For the evening portion, it seems like neither of them want to chat. Colton said he is headed into hometowns and he’s more confused than ever. She’s had some time to think of a good comeback now, so she piles it on deep and Colton is eating it up. it worked, as he said all his fears have gone away and he gives her the rose after saying he is falling in love with her! They head out and enjoy a private show from Brett Young, as he sings his single “Here Tonight.”

Next Date Card

The ladies get the next date card and it’s a one-on-one date for Hannah B., so excitement and tears again.

The Confrontation

Caelynn confronts Tayshia about what she said to Colton. It gets no where, as it’s a she said-she said kind of thing and I am annoyed.

Hannah B.’s One-on-One Date

Family is important to Colton, so why not bring Hannah B. home to meet his family? He chats with his dad, who tells him to trust his gut and not always listen to what the ladies are telling him about the other women. Hannah B. talks with his mother and she said she is ready to be engaged. Colton tells his dad that he doesn’t feel he is there yet with Hannah B. It’s all about trusting his gut while talking to his dad. There is definitely awkwardness while driving back from his parent’s house.

For the evening portion, Hannah B. talks more about falling in love with him and even more now. As she pours it on, he knows that he isn’t there yet with her. Because of that, he tells her he can’t go on with this and she is shocked, as she heads home without a rose on The Bachelor 2019! And bring on the tears!

Group Date

It’s time for the group date, as it is Cassie, Kirpa, Hannah G. and Heather with two roses available to hand out! They all head out for a train ride and he wants today to make sure they are also ready for their families to meet him. Heather kicks things off on the wrong note, as she is not 100% ready for Colton to meet his family. Because of that, she is eliminating herself from the competition and heads back out on the train!

Now to the rest of the date, as Cassie gets some alone time and she said this week has been hard. She said she would not be here if it wasn’t for him and she doesn’t know why they would make something up like this. His gut is telling him that she wouldn’t say something like that what the rumors are saying. Kirpa talks with Colton and it goes to Caelynn and Cassie and she reiterates the same story that Tayshia said and we all know that Colton doesn’t seem to care.

Cassie and Kirpa have words and Kirpa is right, as she says people who get defensive and cry or shut down have something to hide, like Cassie is doing. Colton comes in and said he has not made a decision yet and needs the evening portion to makes up his mind on things.

The Eliminations

For the evening portion of the date, Colton kicks things off and said he did get some clarity from the day. He asks Hannah G. to talk outside and it goes well for her, as she shows up back at the hotel with a rose! That leaves it down to Cassie and Kirpa at that table.

After talking with Kirpa, Caelynn shows up from the hotel and decides to talk with Colton. She said he needs all the facts and she is sick of the lies from the other girls. Colton comes back to the table and he said he knew today would be hard, but he has to be confident and trust his gut. With that, he gives the rose to Cassie and that means Kirpa has been eliminated!

And we head into Hometowns next week! What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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