Get ready for the longest two hours of your life, as The Bachelor 2019 comes to an end tonight on ABC! Yes, it is Night 2 of the Bachelor Finale and we see how things end for Colton Underwood on The Bachelor Season 23. It’s going to be a long night, as we only truly have the conversation between Colton and Cassie Randolph to get through. Will she take him back or will he leave Portugal a single man? Does that take two hours to do? I guess so, so watch with us during our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap that follows!

The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Bachelor Finale Recap - Colton and Cassie together

Last night on The Bachelor Season 23, things kicked off on the Bachelor Finale. After producers hunted down Colton after jumping the fence, he said he was done with the show. His heart was with Cassie, so he couldn’t open it up to anyone else. That meant he had to end things with both Tayshia and Hannah G., who were both shocked by those breakups. From there, the night ended (after a whole lot of lame, filler time by Chris Harrison) with Colton saying he couldn’t leave Portugal without telling Cassie how he felt. He knocked on her hotel door and the night ended!

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2019 tonight, so follow along with our live recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2019 Live Recap or see who won The Bachelor Season 23 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…Chris Harrison is back live in the studio and it’s time to get this thing going.

The Talk

So, we go back to Colton knocking on Cassie’s door and they hug and she is smiling. She agrees to come downstairs and talk to him. Why is she so happy when she broke it off? He tells her that he ended it with Tayshia and Hannah and he is asking Cassie to take it day-by-day and he isn’t asking for an engagement at the end of this. She said him giving up things for her could make him resent her in the past. This all seems so scripted and fake. They are both underwhelming in their performances. She said she isn’t sure what she’s ready for, but she feels good right now. It looks like they will go to Spain and meet Colton’s family now.

Meeting The Family

Do we consider Cassie the winner of The Bachelor 2019 now? I don’t know what’s going on, but they are in Spain now and heading out to meet Colton’s family. I guess this would be the normal finale moment and the final two women meeting his family, but now it’s just Cassie left. Colton sits down with his family and updates them on everything that has gone down, including not losing his virginity. She is super nervous to meet them, but the family is going to be tough on her.

Colton talks with his mother and she is worried that they aren’t on the same page. His father talks with Cassie and he is now worried that Colton is in love with Cassie and she might not get there. His parents and family are grilling Cassie on this one and she doesn’t seem to know what to say. This is awkward! Cassie leaves and it looks like it is all in her hands now. They will have one more date and then maybe a possible fantasy suite.

The Final Date on The Bachelor 2019

One final date between Cassie and Colton. Is anyone else just not feeling this? I mean, she quit the show and is now back? Are we supposed to be excited for them? They have to propel down a cliff in order to go out and have their picnic. Once down, they talk about where she is at with things. Cassie said she was in a relationship and he pretty much planned when they would be engaged and he became controlling, which is why she is hesitant.

Dinner time and it’s more lovey dovey stuff and she wants to be sure and he helped her get there. He is glad it is her. They get the fantasy suite card and accept it and then make a dramatic scene, as Colton is ready to bust that nut! They get their alone time, as the crew was kicked out and the mics came off. He’s in love and he’s ready.

Let’s Waste Some Time

We need to fill up two nights of The Bachelor 2019, so why not bring in some guys and girls to discuss Colton maybe losing his virginity. ABC, go home, you’re drunk. This is all a waste of time!

Is Colton Still A Virgin?

It’s the next morning and Colton is in the shower, shocker. He says what happened last night was great for their relationship. He said he is very happy and you can use your imagination. They kiss and laugh and no real answer, but they did it.

Colton and Cassie – Live

They are live in the studio as a couple. They say they are very much in love and they have talked about an engagement, but not there yet. They have been spending weekends together and she said he is her best friend and she has said she is so in love with him.

Now Colton finally gives his final rose to Cassie. They then find out they are getting a seven-day vacation to Thailand, which is where they had their first one-on-one date. Then Chris Harrison hypes this one up, as Air Supply performs.

The Next Bachelorette

It’s finally time to introduce the next Bachelorette and it’s Hannah Brown! The rumors were true and I am happy for her, as she seems to excited for it and got very emotional when Chris Harrison called to tell her a couple weeks ago.

They are kicking things off tonight, as she is going to meet the first five guys tonight on this finale! Here are the five guys:

  • Luke – He said he wanted it to be her and so glad to be holding her hands. It’s so, so awkward!
  • Dustin – He brings out champagne to do a toast while having his nose ring in. It’s 2019…do people still have nose rings?
  • Cam – A white boy rapping? Ugh!
  • Connor – He is a tall guy and wanted them to be on the same level, so he gives her a step stool that he bedazzled.
  • Luke S. – He said he does not go down South often, but for her, he’d go down often!

She said it was so exciting and would hand out a rose right now, so Chris takes her up on that and one of those guys is about to get a rose tonight!

The guys are back and one of them will get a rose before the taping even starts! The others will still be there on Night 1, but one of them comes with less nerves. The rapping worked, as she gives the rose to Cam! She liked how he pumped up the crowd, so he’s going into the season with a season. The Bachelorette Season 15 will premiere on May 13, 2019!

That’s it for tonight! What did you think of the Bachelor Finale?

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