We have two big nights with Colton Underwood this week on The Bachelor 2019, as the winner of The Bachelor Season 23 will be determined during this two-night Bachelor Finale. We should see him make the big decision tonight on ABC, so who do you think gets the final rose from Colton tonight? Check out our Bachelor Finale predictions below in our The Bachelor 2019 spoilers!

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The Bachelor 2019 Spoilers - Bachelor Finale Predictions

Last week on The Bachelor Season 23, not gonna lie, it felt like a wasted night on Tuesday. It was the Women Tell All special and did anyone care to see this? You know everyone is wondering what happens with Colton after he jumped that fence to end Monday night’s episode! However, we had to sit through two hours of the women all trying to yell over each other. Demi was being Demi and we had some randoms make their way into the camera to try and get some camera time.

Reality Steve has given us his predictions and I’m pretty sure I am going to go with what he says. I don’t know how it will all play out tonight, but I think the producers will hunt down Colton after jumping the fence and he’ll cry a lot. Then he’ll decide that he wants no one but Cassie, so he’ll go and chat with Tayshia and Hannah G. and tell them he is not picking either of them.

From there, he will head back to the United States and hunt down Cassie and try to work things out with her. He will promise no engagement is needed yet and they can date. It will work and she will stay with Colton, so she’ll get the final rose and they’ll be together at most, one month from this finale!

Who do you think gets the final rose during the Bachelor Finale?

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