We are only four weeks into The Bachelor 2015 and we are finally getting a better feel on more and more of the women on The Bachelor Season 19, but want some The Bachelor 2015 spoilers this morning? How about some spoilers that give you the winner of The Bachelor Season 19??? We all know Reality Steve does his homework before the season starts and has spoilers for the winner, so check out the details below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!

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Last night on The Bachelor 2015we saw Chris Soules head out on two more group dates and a very romantic one-on-one date that his sisters picked out his date for him! It was a weird night all around, as we saw a lot of virgin talk, some boobs, some booty and a whole lot of crazy from Ashley S. again, which we were beyond excited that he finally sent her home!

Now, as the season moves along, we are all wondering who Chris picks as the winner of The Bachelor 2015 and who gets that final rose from him. We have 11 women remaining and one of them will get that rose and will get a ring to go along with it, as Chris does propose on the finale (unlike his predecessor Juan Pablo).

So, the lucky lady is Whitney Bischoff, who he happened to “crash” the wedding with last week on their first one-on-one date of the season. I am torn on her, as she is a very pretty lady, but that voice can annoy me at times! She seems like she has her crap together though and she held herself very well while talking to his sisters last night, so I liked that!



What do you think of The Bachelor Chris’ selection?

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