The previews in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers showed us Jimmy Kimmel on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight, but what was he doing there? He will be serving as co-host tonight and it looks like the dates for Chris Soules and the women on The Bachelor 2015 will be planned by Jimmy tonight! Maybe we’ll improve on the racing tractors in bikinis date from last week then? Find out with us during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 19, it was time for the dating to begin for Chris! For the night, he went on two group dates and the first one-on-one date of the season, which surprisingly went to Megan. We saw the ladies enjoy a rooftop pool party and then head out to the streets of downtown Los Angeles and “race” some tractors. The other group date featured the ladies killing zombies and worried that Ashley S. might attack them with the paint gun! In the end, five more ladies were sent home (Jordan, Tandra, Tara, Kimberly and Alissa) and 18 move on to Week 3 tonight!

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The fun begins shortly on Week 2 of The Bachelor 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…in comes Jimmy to wake up Chris! At the mansion, Chris Harrison is talking to the women and brings in the special guest of the week and the women are shocked to see him. Jimmy said he is there to plan the dates and make sweet love to them all to help Chris pick a winner. He brings the “Amazing Jar” and the women will have to put $1 in it every time they say amazing!

DATE #1 – This one-on-one date goes to Kaitlyn. Jimmy planned the date, so neither of them knows what is going on! The date card made it sound fancy, but the limo pulls up to Costco! They pick up food to make for dinner that night, which Jimmy will join them at. He also asks for a list of certain things, like enough ketchup to fill a hot tub! They roll around in a rubber ball and, of course, make out!

Back at Chris’ place, they are making dinner and talking about enjoying the day. As crazy as it was, this was a normal date for a couple and I enjoyed it, as did they…and more kissing! Jimmy arrives and he is hilarious. They cook up some steaks and he asks all the questions we want to hear! Kaitlyn gives approval for Chris to sleep with all the women. Jimmy said that God made him the Bachelor and that means he is to have a lot of sex! They share lots of laughs and Jimmy offers a threesome! It ends with more laughs and Kaitlyn getting the rose!

GROUP DATE CARD – Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashely S., Samantha, Nikki and Carly will go on it.

GROUP DATE: It starts with a farm relay race consisting of corn shucking, find one of the eight eggs and then crack it and not break the yolk, then milk six goats and drink it, shoveling manure and then wrestle a pig and whoever catches the pig wins. For some reason, Jillian can’t find shorts that fit her and we find her butt blacked out again! In a shocker, Carly wins the race and gets a special photo shoot with Chris.

EVENING PORTION: Carly pulls him aside right away and gets a kiss. He slow dances with Amber (and kisses). He then proceeds to kiss more and more and Mackenzie is not happy about it. She thinks she got the first kiss, but that went to Britt at the first Cocktail Party. She calls him out on it and I guess we’ll be saying goodbye to Mackenzie tonight. Becca has a good talk with him and actually doesn’t kiss him, which I respect. Will Chris though? The date comes to an end and the group date rose goes to Becca, so the no-kiss rule did work!

FINAL DATE CARD – It goes to Whitney, who gets her first date of the season on The Bachelor 2015! I am intrigued to see this one and see their connection. They see a wedding happening right by them and they decide to go crash it. Right, this wasn’t staged right? They get all done up and have a gift and head to the wedding. Whitney is amazing at telling the lies and chatting with everyone and Chris is nervous and a mess! Even though this is so staged, I am loving seeing Whitney and she seems so real! Chris seems blown away by her and what she did. He heads up and gets the rose to give her!

POOL PARTY – No Cocktail Party today, but they are having a pool party on The Bachelor Season 19. Juelia comes out and tells Chris about her husband committing suicide. This is just awkward, as she cries so hard. She is a mess and here on the show to find love? She doesn’t understand how someone could have a child and leave them, but then she leaves that same child for a few months to be on a TV show?

Jade steals him away to get a tour of his house. They chat and test the bed, which turns into them making out while Jillian waits in the hot tub to surprise him! Ashley I. is freaking out about not getting time with him, as is Megan, who did not have a date this week. Mackenzie, Megan and Ashley I. come to the hot tub and Jillian is not backing down and not leaving! Ashley I. finally gets some alone time with him and she cries and then they make out and she is a horrible kisser and she just attacks his face and body!

ROSE CEREMONY – Time for Chris to give out the rose for tonight. He has already given roses to Kaitlyn, Becca and Whitney. The other roses go to:

  • Jade
  • Samantha
  • Juelia (he couldn’t send her home after telling him about her husband’s suicide)!
  • Mackenzie
  • Kelsey
  • Britt
  • Megan
  • Carly
  • Ashley S.
  • Nikki
  • Jillian
  • Ashley I.

With that being said, we see Amber, Tracy and Trina eliminated tonight! What do you think of the results on The Bachelor 2015 tonight?

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