While The Bachelor 2015 spoilers have only just begun, the real fun starts tonight on The Bachelor Season 19 as Chris Soules truly begins his journey when the first dates of the season begin! He can meet them and have some cocktails with them, nothing truly matters until the dates begin and how these women interact with him (and the other women) in a more intimate setting! Check it out tonight with us during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 19, it was our chance to see Chris Soules in action and a chance to meet the 30 women who would be fighting for the final rose from Chris this season! It was an insane night, as we first of all had three hours of the show and host Chris Harrison had a red carpet event for an hour before we got into any of the action! From there, there were too many women to keep track of and we gave up hope! In the end, 22 roses were handed out and Kimberly was not happy she did not get one and tried to steal Chris away to chat about it! Would he bring her back?

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The fun begins shortly on Week 2 of The Bachelor 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we go back to the Rose Ceremony and Kimberly taking Chris outside and she said she felt like she was supposed to be there. She didn’t get a chance to chat with him that night and wants to chat for a few minutes and just wants a chance. Chris talks to Chris Harrison and he said it is his decision. He decides to keep her and this is not going to sit well with the other ladies!

We see Chris sitting down and talking with Chris Harrison about the night before and having 23 women and he is living right down the road from them this season! Chris Harrison wonders when he’ll get the first knock on his door!

Chris Harrison heads to the mansion and chats with the women and has a date card! He tells them Chris is living right down the road and the dates start today! The first date goes to Jade, Tandra, Ashley I., Mackenzie, Kimberly and Tara. The claws are coming out, as Kimberly was eliminated and brought back and now has the first group date!

GROUP DATE #1 – They head to a rooftop in downtown Los Angeles and are having a pool party and they are all having a good time! Kimberly gets some alone time and he does the “first meeting” all over again and it is cute. While on the date, Megan and Jillian sneak down and check out Chris’ place and Megan puts on the motorcycle helmet and bangs her head into everything!

Back to the group date, Chris and the girls are walking through downtown in their bikinis and they walk and find some tractors, which are for a tractor race! Can you call it a race when the tractors are going like 2 mph??? Ashley I. won the race and gets some alone time with Chris.

Back at the mansion, we find out that Juelia has a daughter and was married, but her husband committed suicide. Lots of tears and support from the other women.

Back to the date, we see Ashley I. get some along time with Chris. Then he comes back to the group and chats and he wants to spend the rest of the date on a one-on-one! That person is with Mackenzie! Why her??? The other women are not happy and not concerned because they don’t think Mackenzie will get a rose!

Now time for Mackenzie and Chris get some alone time and she is a hot mess, which I saw on Night 1 (she asked about alfalfa being organic). She is an idiot, as she talks about Chris having a big nose and asked if he believed in aliens! This whole moment is awkward and then she tells him she has a child and I am wondering if she can say “like” one more time? Despite being an airhead, the kid talked worked and he gives her the rose!

DATE CARD: The next date card comes and it is for Megan, so banging her head on the walls worked!

Mackenzie talks to all the girls about her alone time and tells them she did kiss him! The girls are not happy, but then Chris comes in and steals Megan away from their date!

ONE-ON-ONE DATE: They head out and go for a helicopter and see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and it looks so cool. Of course, we hear more drama from the women, as Megan’s dad was found unconscious and is brain dead, but her mother told her to come….of course she did! As much as we want to see him send her home to be with her dad, he gives he the rose and they kiss.

DATE CARD: This one goes to Kelsey, Trina, Alissa, Tracy, Jillian, Becca, Amber, Ashley S., Juelia, Kaitlyn and Britt and it says ‘Til Death Do Us Part!

GROUP DATE #2 – The women head out and they are in the limos and it took them to some scary place and it is creepy and the women are having none of it! They are being attacked by zombies and screams everywhere and Chris comes in to save the day. They will be dividing into teams of three and kill the zombies. How romantic is this date on The Bachelor 2015?

The defeat the zombies and Ashley S. is crazy and time to celebrate! Back at the mansion, Jordan is drunk again and twerking! Chris spends some time with Kaitlyn and he is loving her. I think she seems too fake, but she gets a kiss too. Ashley S. is seeing angels in the candle and thinks the angel will get the rose tonight! She then gets some alone time with Chris and she is just nuts, so please let her make the Final 2! Britt gets some alone time with Chris and more kisses and is hoping for that group date rose, but not this time and he gives it to Kaitlyn!

COCKTAIL PARTY: Chris comes in and let the drama unfold on The Bachelor Season 19! Whitney gets the first alone time and she surprises him with a bottle of his favorite whiskey from back home and they share a drink together! This is beyond cute and she won some notches on my favorite ladder! Now we see that Ashley I. is a virgin and Mackenzie is super jealous that she is a virgin and jealous she can’t use that card. She then proceeds to makeout big time with Chris and not looking like the virgin type there! Jordan is drunk again. Harrison comes in and pulls him aside and time for the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!

ROSE CEREMONY: Time for the roses to be handed out. We know that Mackenzie, Megan and Kaitlyn all have a rose from the dates tonight. The other roses go to:

  • Britt
  • Ashley I.
  • Trina
  • Kelsey
  • Samantha
  • Juelia
  • Amber
  • Tracy
  • Jillian
  • Jade
  • Nikki
  • Becca
  • Carly
  • Whitney
  • Ashley S.

That means leaving us tonight are Jordan, Tandra, Tara, Kimberly (again) and Alissa. What do you think of the results on The Bachelor 2015 tonight?

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