It looks like we have some The Bachelor 2015 spoilers for you that may shock you, as two of the women on The Bachelor Season 19 are about to blow our minds and eliminate themselves??? Yeah, Reality Steve is providing these shocking spoilers on The Bachelor 2015 and it has me wanting to see it all go down! Check out who leaves Chris Soules in the dust below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!

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Up first on the self-elimination train is Megan Bell! She has taken a pretty quiet role this season, but she got the first one-on-one date of the season shortly after sneaking into Chris’ place and putting on his motorcycle helmet and banging her head against the wall! The reason for her departure? It appears there are some rumors out there that she actually had a man at home! This will all take place during Week 6, so next week!


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Up next on the self-elimination train is Britt Nilsson! Yeah, I did not type that wrong. The girl who does not like to shower and spent that alone time with Chris in the hotel last week on The Bachelor 2015 decides she has had enough and eliminates herself! No real reason mentioned for this one, but when she is telling the other ladies she likes being single, that could be the reason why! This all takes place during Week 7, so we still have a couple more weeks of her makeup-wearing-to-bed face to deal with!


From the sounds of it, I think we are going to have an eventful week next week, especially with the Kelsey drama still needing to be worked out!

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