We should have one of the most dramatic nights on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, as we have drama with Britt and then drama with Jade Roper and the Playboy confession finally happening! Add in the fact that we have the Hometown Dates on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight and it should be a night for the books! Check it out with us tonight during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers - Hometown Dates Recap

Last night on The Bachelor Season 19, we had a long night of The Bachelor. We saw the Chris Tells All special and he told us nothing. Then it was time to pick up in Deadwood, where Megan Bell decided their relationship was not progressing, so she eliminated herself! Then it was on to Iowa and a hometown date with Jade and then a photo-taking date with Whitney and a group date with ice skating and Britt being overdramatic when she did not receive the group date rose! How could Chris possibly deny her???? That all plays out tonight, as we have a Rose Ceremony before the Hometown Dates begin!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…we are back in Iowa! He said Britt made things weird and maybe things are unraveling between the two of them.

ONE-ON-ONE DATE: This is continuing from last night and he has a date with Becca. They share some time in his loft he is staying in. They share a good talk and she said she has never been in love with someone before. They share a special moment on the roof and kiss.

Back at the hotel, the women talk about the night before and Britt. She comes in and said she packed her bags and plans to leave before the Rose Ceremony the next day! She then keeps flip-flopping and it is ridiculous and I am annoyed by her! The next day and the ladies are ready for the Cocktail Party and Britt said she wants to tell him then that she will leave. Jade plans on telling him about Playboy. However, Chris Harrison comes in and said no Cocktail Party and only a Rose Ceremony!!!

ROSE CEREMONY: Chris starts his talk, but Britt interrupts him and asks to chat, so the other women are angry! Britt apologizes her actions during the group date. She then asks if he has anything to say. So, clearly she wants him to beg and give that rose to her now! However, Chris is not having it and he calls her out and said the way she acted is not how someone he wants to be his wife would act! And he sends her home!!!

Back in front of the ladies and Chris says he sent her home and he thanked those he gave him the heads up. Now to the roses, as Kaitlyn already has one and the others go to:

  • Whitney
  • Becca
  • Jade

That means Carly Waddell has been eliminated tonight on The Bachelor 2015 and the Hometown Dates are ready to begin!

BECCA’S HOMETOWN: Up first is Becca and they are in Shreveport. She has never brought a guy home. They share some time together during the day, but it is now time to meet the family! Chris said they welcomed him and he felt like he was with family. He then chats with Becca’s sister and she said it is weird and she has never seen Becca hold hands with a guy and be this intimate! She chats with her Mom and she is worried about Becca getting hurt and doesn’t want him to do that. While she is saying goodbye (and not wanting to), he surprises her and they head to the county fair for a ferris wheel ride to end the night with lots of kissing!

WHITNEY’S HOMETOWN: We are in Chicago now and time to see the future winner? Since he comes to Chicago often, she gives him a tour of her life rather than a tour of the city! So, first step: go make a baby! It’s kind of cool to see and she thinks he looks sexy in scrubs. No samples from Chris were donated! Time to meet the family and grandma is there and she brought a tear to my eye just seeing her! It looks like getting her sister’s approval will be key tonight on The Bachelor Season 19. She talks with her sister and she seems very hesitant on this and not sure if she can see her living in the small town. She does not want to say yes and give approval and I respect that. Her sister talks with Chris and does not give the approval, but does say when he knows she is the one then call her then. I love this answer and I respect it. Whitney then tells Chris she is in love with him! This was a great date and you can see that strong connection.

KAITLYN’S HOMETOWN: They are in Phoenix and start the date in a dirty alley! She said he took her to Costco, so she is going to have fun with this! She takes him to a recording studio and they are going to be writing and performing a rap tonight! They write the lyrics and, of course, he is not a good rapper! Time to meet her family and they said she looks so happy and glowing. She chats with her mother and said she is falling in love. They seem to love Chris, but Kaitlyn has a guard up and she is ready to let it go and she shows a billboard she made for Chris, which said Kaitlyn hearts Chris!

JADE’S HOMETOWN: He meets with Jade now and it is family time right away! While this is all about the family and meeting them, Jade is paranoid about posing in Playboy and that is all that matters tonight! Chris tells her father that he is falling in love with Jade. Chris is sensing that her family is holding something back and there is more to Jade then he knows. The family time ends pretty early, but they are off to talk!

Time for their talk, as Chris can’t get past Jade’s brother calling her a wild mustang! She said she is a free spirit. She is hesitant, but finally tells him and then they check out the photos together! How awkward??? We have photos and a video and Chris is shocked because she is so shy. He is giggling and it is awkward! He then says she is a beautiful person and this does not affect anything and he knows who she is. I guess it changes nothing and she is one relived centerfold!

ROSE CEREMONY: This is a big one and the women are present, so time to see who makes the Fantasy Suite dates! The roses go to:

  • Whitney
  • Kaitlyn
  • Becca

That means that Jade is eliminated tonight! Do you think it is because of the Playboy spread???

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight?

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