If any of The Bachelor 2015 contestants were trying to win an Oscar this season, it was definitely Kelsey Poe on The Bachelor Season 19 last night and it appeared the only one she was convincing was the medics. She told Chris Soules her “amazingly tragic” story of her husband’s death and seemed to be overjoyed (and crazy delusional) about the effect it would have on this season. She then proceeded to “pass out” and have a panic attack when the show ended. So, was it real or was it fake? Vote in our poll below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 19, we saw that Kelsey lost her husband in 2013 and we had another widow on our hands. She wanted to tell Chris her story on a one-on-one date, but she never got that opportunity. Because of that, she decided to go to his room and surprise him and tell the story. She thought it was an amazing story and so good. How could your husband’s sudden death be amazing???

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Either way, they then shared their first kiss and she thought this was the start of their love story. The Cocktail Party came and Chris was feeling weird and he wanted to go straight to the Rose Ceremony and send some women home. Kelsey thought she was definitely getting a rose after her storytelling, but then she was unsure. She walked away from the other women and then was paying on the floor and crying and, to us, faking a panic attack. It was terrible acting and I wanted to slap her!

So, do you think it was a real panic attack or was it fake to get Chris to keep her around another week? Vote here:

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