In two long hours, we will know the winner of The Bachelor 2015 and see if Chris Soules gets down on one knee for The Bachelor Season 19 finale! Will it be Becca Tilley or Whitney Bischoff for the win tonight on The Bachelor Finale? It is time for them to meet Chris’ family in Iowa and then the big decision is made. Watch with us tonight during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who won The Bachelor 2015 tonight!

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers - Finale Results

Last time on The Bachelor Season 19, it was the Women Tell All special, but let’s focus on the time before that. It was the final three women and Chris in Bali and all of them were some sweaty messes in the hot weather! Chris was struggling on this one, as he told all of the women that he was falling in love with them and didn’t even seem to know what he was going to do as he got to the Rose Ceremony. He talked with Becca a little bit more and that must have sealed the deal, as he kept her and he sent Kaitlyn Bristowe home!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2015 Finale, so follow along with our recap below! In the meantime, check out our predictions to see who we think wins it all tonight!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who won The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we have Chris Harrison and the live audience, so that will be some filler tonight!

Chris Soules is back in Iowa and he said he could go either way this week, but he is glad to have his family have his back. He meets with them and tells him who to pick this week!

WHITNEY – Up first is Whitney and she is excited to meet his family, but super nervous. She gives an amazing toast at lunch and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Whitney then meets with his sisters and they just love her. They said they are going to miss her once she leaves. The sisters then meet with Chris and they love her, so want to know his reservations about her and he said none, but he likes another women. They think Whitney fits in so easy and think he likes Becca, but he can’t articulate his feelings for her and that is a red flag!

Now Whitney sits down with his mom and Whitney is so good with her words. Chris’ Mom is impressed and she can see that she loves him, for real. It seems like his mom wants Chris to pick Whitney, but they still have to meet Becca. How can Becca top this??? Chris meets with the guys and his brother-in-law nails it! Whitney is a sure thing and Becca has the chase, which all guys like!

BECCA – Time for Becca to meet the family and they are trying to come in with a clean slate and give her a fair chance. You can tell how nervous Chris is with Becca there. It just seems weird. She seems to be blending in and they are all enjoying some laughs. She meets with his sisters and, to be honest, this is real life and I think Becca is being realistic about it. She wants to be in love with a person before she picks up her life and moves. You can’t truly fall in love with someone while dating 20 other women. The sisters clearly love Whitney, but Chris is still wanting Becca. The sisters said he needs to be tough with her and get some answers.

Becca meets with his Mom and they have a good conversation and it seems like the Mom sees love there, but thinks it is all up to her. She said you can’t go through life without taking chances and thinks Becca feels more for Chris than she knows and she is feeling love and doesn’t know it. Chris says goodbye to Becca and you can see how much it is weighing on both of them. His Dad says he feels for Chris and Whitney is the sure thing, but Becca is the one he wants.

BECCA’S FINAL DATE – They are spending the night in the hotel suite and gives them a chance to chat and he can ask her the questions he needs answers to on The Bachelor 2015. If he has questions, then ask them and get out of the bed! She said she doesn’t have a timeline of when she would fall in love and be ready to move. She said she doesn’t know when she wants it to happen, but she does want to get married and to have kids. He asks why she is not in love with him and she does not know. She said the one thing she knows is she wants him. This is just annoying me and she needs to go home! She said she is worried about going there and what she would do and not just following in his steps. How about this for a final date?

WHITNEY’S FINAL DATE – For this date, Whitney meets Chris on his farm and they are going to pick some corn! Do you think she is overly excited to do everything and trying to hard or sincerely excited? They then head to his house and share some wine in front of a fire. So, he spends time with Becca in a hotel room, but brings Whitney to his own house??? Yeah, winner winner, chicken dinner!

So, we have an evening portion of the date for Whitney and Chris? Did Becca get a day portion too, but they just didn’t show it? They are spending time in Whitney’s hotel room. She said nothing about Arlington seemed shocking to her. Whitney said it best and it just seems easy between the two of them. Chris says some nice things, but I feel like Becca is weighing on his mind. Anyone else get that?

It is the big day and everyone is getting ready in their hotel rooms. Neil Lane arrives and time for Chris to pick out the possible engagement ring! Chris heads to the farm and it looks like the final moments will be in a barn! They did it up nice and he said there is an option that he won’t propose to anyone today because he is so torn, but the limos are on their way!

The first limo has arrived and it is Becca! He said that he could see her as his wife and he saw what was between them this whole time, but he doesn’t think she is ready. He said she is going to make someone incredibly happy and he isn’t the one that can do that for her. Becca handles herself very graciously and says her goodbyes and that is it for Becca! We see no tears from Becca in the limo and Chris is crying more than her!

Whitney has arrived, so lets see how this goes! She is beyond nervous as she speaks, which is odd for her, as she is usually so composed. I’ll admit it, when Chris said he loves her, I cried! It is a touching moment and he gets down on one knee and proposes and she said YES!!! And we have a winner, folks!


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