While the focus will be on the Fantasy Suite Dates on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, we will have another focal point: does Becca Tilley tell Chris Soules she’s a virgin? And if she does, what happens between her and Chris in the fantasy suite??? This is a big night on The Bachelor Season 19, as it is the first and only time Chris and the ladies leave the country! They are headed to Bali tonight and will Becca tell him and will she lose her virginity on The Bachelor 2015??? Check out the details below in our The Bachelor 2015 spoilers!

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Last week on The Bachelor Season 19, we had the Bachelor two-night event! On Sunday night, it was a night of finishing things up after that crazy two-on-one date. We had another Rose Ceremony to get through, which saw Megan Bell leaving before it happened! Then they headed off to Iowa and this one focused on Britt telling the girls she couldn’t live in his small hometown, but telling Chris how much she loved it. Then on Monday night, we saw Chris send Britt home after having enough of her fakeness and then he sent home Carly Waddell also, which left us with the final four women and the Hometown Dates. The focus was on Jade Roper confessing to Chris that she posed for Playboy and then they looked at the photos together (AWKWARD)!!! In the end, Chris sent Jade home, so I guess he did not like what he saw in the photos, huh?

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For tonight, here is the official synopsis from ABC for the Overnight Dates on The Bachelor 2015:

On the final date of the week, Chris and Becca visit a Balinese medicine man, where they are able to ask questions about their relationship and their future. Their carefree day belies Becca’s pressing situation. She has yet to tell Chris she is a virgin and it’s almost time for the fantasy suite card. The couple meets for dinner, and Chris needs to find out if Becca is ready to give up her Southern Californian lifestyle and move across the country to a live on his sprawling farm. And what will happen in the fantasy suite – or will Becca not accept the invitation?”

I am hoping Becca didn’t give up her v-card in Bali! What do you think???

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