We may have been given a little sneak peek into the life of The Bachelor Juan Pablo last night on ABC, but the official The Bachelor Season 18 premiere kicks off tonight and we will be watching right along with you during our The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers Recap! Tonight on The Bachelor 2014, we get to see Juan Pablo finally get to meet all 27 of the women fighting to be named the winner of The Bachelor 2014! The show last night kept saying 25 women, but he has 27 women to pick from this season, so extra drama with extra women! Come watch with us during our The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelor 2014 tonight!


Last night on The Bachelor Season 18, we saw the Countdown to Juan Pablo. We got a chance to see more of the application process and see some of the women surprised with visits from host Chris Harrison telling them they were on the show, even though Reality Steve said it was all a lie! Then it was time with his daughter for Juan Pablo and then a family reunion before he headed out to start taping this season!

[Photos: Meet the 27 Women Fighting For Juan Pablo’s Final Rose]

The taping is complete and now it is time for the first impressions, as the women get out of that limo and try to win over Juan Pablo on The Bachelor 2014! The first cocktail party, cat fights and the first Rose Ceremony is all in store tonight, so stay tuned for our Live Recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…so, when did Juan Pablo become a lover of dance? Did he mention that ever on The Bachelorette 2013? We all know he is vying to be on Dancing with the Stars next season, so is he over exaggerating for ABC? They are showing us a lot of what we already saw last night. Now we see how much he loves his daughter Camilla, who he happens to be leaving for another couple months of taping. Such love, huh?

Why are they dragging this out so much tonight on The Bachelor 2014? Now we see Juan Pablo playing with his daughter and not sure how he is going to do this, so he called up Sean Lowe to get some advice. Now we get to see the awkward conversation between the two guys that don’t know each other. ABC sure is working Sean, huh? Juan Pablo never went on a one-on-one date with The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, which makes me wonder how he even got to be The Bachelor Season 18?

We saw a lot of shower scenes for Sean Lowe and now we start Season 18 with a shower scene for Juan Pablo. He leaves his parents and Camilla and is heading out to meet the women on The Bachelor 2014!

Now we see Chris Harrison, who says that Juan Pablo generated more excitement from fans than anyone in the entire history of the show. Didn’t he say that about Sean Lowe last season? As if we didn’t see enough of the women last night, now we look at some more. Chelsie is first and she is learning all the Spanish phrases to impress Juan Pablo. Renee loves to paddle board and everything outdoors, but her #1 love is her eight-year-old son. Two single parents, so that could be a match? Andi is an Assistant D.A. in Atlanta and they show a scene from the courtroom, which looks like a poorly acted movie scene!

Amy J. is a massage therapist and considers herself an artist of the human body. None of the men she has dated enjoy the massages from her, so she wants a man who wants to be rubbed. Maybe she gives bad massages? Nikki is a pediatric nurse and loves her job so much she would probably work for free. She will never settle with anything in her life. Lauren H. says her family is everything to her, but her love life totally sucks. She was engaged to a man, but then six weeks later he called her at work and told her it was over!

Valerie said she will be competitive with the other girls and she may have said she was pretty a few times, so she may be the one I do not enjoy this season! Clare is part-Mexican and the youngest of six daughters. Her Dad passed away from brain cancer, but before he died he made a DVD for her future husband. No one has seen it, but will Juan Pablo be the viewer?

Back by very popular demand, we get to see Juan Pablo arrive to meet and chat with Chris Harrison. He tells him that there will be 27 women instead of 25, since the applications were coming in big time for him.

And let the first limo arrive on The Bachelor 2014! Amy L. is first and cute and super sweet, so she’ll probably go home! Cassandra is next and it is very awkward and lots of quiet moments, so she’ll be going home, but her boobs may save her! Christy is next and then Christine, who brings a gift for his daughter for brownie points. Nikki is a nurse, so she brings the stethoscope to show him how nervous and excited she is to meet him.

The next limo arrives and Kat is first and she is a dancer, but never salsa danced, so she gets a few moves with Juan Pablo and requests more dancing inside. Victoria is from Brazil and he says a cute one. Lucy comes with the flower headband and barefoot so she wasn’t too tall. Danielle has nothing crazy now, but she has a present for him on the inside, so she wants some one-on-one time with him. Lauren S. pushes (barely) out a piano to play him a song…that is a little too much for me.

The next limo arrives and out comes Chelsie, who is a teacher and tries to do a chemistry experiemtn. She says forget it and lets get some chemistry between them. Valerie is next, who comes in cowboy boots to show off her roots. Elise is next and can barely walk to him in that dress. Ashley brings a gold star sticker for Juan Pablo to show him he is doing a good job. Now the “big shocker” as the next lady gets out and is pregnant, but we all know it is a stunt, right? It is Clare, who is only doing it as a stunt and will mess with the other ladies!

Next up is Alli, who comes out in soccer shoes and kicks the ball with Juan Pablo. Amy J. is next and she is just nuts! Renee is next and I like her. She seems confident, but not in a cocky way and has her head straight. Maggie brings him a fishing hook, who enjoys fishing with her family and hopes he will be the big catch she has been waiting for. Kelly brings her dog, who does not like Juan Pablo.

Another limo and Lacy is first, who brought a prescription from Cupid’s pharmacy to help him deal with all the women. Sharleen lives in Canada, but came from Germany. Juan Pablo loves her dress and she happens to be an opera singer. The last of the women is Andi, who has Juan Pablo stunned. They do some flirting and he is majorly checking her out. He has no clue how he is going to send any of them home!

Juan Pablo meets with Chris Harrison before heading in to meet the women a little more closely. He finds out that he has one first impression rose to hand out for someone he wants to stay for sure. He heads in and tells them all to be themselves. They cheers to a fun night and he doesn’t know how he is going to do it.He brings in the music to lighten the mood and it is a dance party! They also have a photo booth in the mansion, so picture time too!

Isn’t this ironic, but the first person to get some alone time with Juan Pablo is Nikki, who is rumored to be the winner of The Bachelor 2014! There was nothing too crazy there, but she felt a spark there. Renee is next and they talk about their kids and the conversation is flowing better between them it seems. Lucy is showing some confidence, so she says, but she is a hippie and a little random and weird.

Amy J. comes out and brings the essential oils to give him a massage. She is ripping clothes off him and she is just crazy! Plus, her dress is so tight on the boob area and squashing him. Juan Pablo said she is nice, but the massage was awkward….you think? Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose and makes it awkward!

The rose is there and the women are worried now. The upbeat, dance party mood is gone! The women are all nervous and want that alone time with him. Chelsie and Juan Pablo hit the photo booth for some pictures and he can’t remember anything about her, so I guess that is not good for her? Elise’s Mom passed away a year ago and she feels she is there and Juan Pablo is the one for her.

It is all about time on The Bachelor Season 18 and the girls are getting angry about not getting their alone time and being confident. Lauren H. is start to get a little crazy and wanting to know what to do to impress him and bring on the first tears of the night! She wants the connection, but all her insecurities are coming out and being left by her fiance. We have a mess folks!

Producers must have told Juan Pablo that Lauren H. needs some talking to, so she finally gets her alone time and can calm down. She talks about her insecurities with Juan Pablo, which is probably not a positive for her. She just keeps babbling and Juan Pablo is saying nothing! Did the alone time not go good for her and ruin her chances?

We get some quick views of the other girls getting some alone time with Juan Pablo. He still has the first impression rose to hand out. Andi is having some good times with Juan Pablo and she says she would never argue with the women in the house….remember that! He seems to be infatuated by Sharlene. He loves her dress and he says she ia keeper! He gives her his jacket and heads out to get the rose for her! Sharleen thinks there is not the connection there like she thought it would be and it seems forced. He comes back with the rose and seems shocked when he offers it to her! She says she is flattered, but it matters if it is there or not and it isn’t there yet!

Chris Harrison comes in and time to decide who is going home tonight on The Bachelor 2014! Who do you think it will be?

Time for the first Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor Season 18. Sharleen is safe tonight with the first impression rose. The other women safe tonight are: Clare, Nikki, Renee, Andi, Alli, Chantel, Lauren S., Kelly (and her dog), Cassandra, Danielle, Chelsie, Kat (even though Kylie came up thinking he said her name…awkward), Victoria, Christy, Lucy, Elise and Amy L.

That means that Alexis, Amy J., Ashley, Christine, Kylie, Lacy, Lauren H., Maggie and Valerie.

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight?

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