We haven’t even officially made it to The Bachelor 2014 premiere and we are already getting drama from Reality Steve, who happened to be tweeting during The Bachelor Season 18 premiere special last night on ABC. If any of you missed it, check out our recap here and read about all that went down with The Bachelor Juan Pablo and how ABC wasted an hour of our lives! Reality Steve is never one to hold anything back and he did not last night where it concerned this special on ABC, which apparently was full of a lot of lies and misconceptions! Check out the details in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers below!


If you missed the premiere special last night on The Bachelor 2014, they showed us a couple things that Reality Steve is calling out as lies and just poor showmanship by the producers. The first one being the “surprise” visits by host Chris Harrison and other producers to the women that made the show this season. They made it look like the women were just finding out they made the show and they had to pack up and leave right then and there! The tweets from Reality Steve on that one:

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Whether you like him or not, it is very true. You know these women have to get the time off from work, if they even have jobs (other than trying to make it in Hollywood). Unless production is giving them clothes to wear all season long, these women want to look good for The Bachelor Juan Pablo, so shopping would have to be done!

As far as his second complaint of the show, it was the tribute they aired for former contestant Gia Allemand, who committed suicide during the fall of 2013. He had some harsh words regarding that tribute:

We all know that Reality Steve and ABC have an equally hated relationship from both sides, but that is some major calling out on his part, which I like. Not one person from production made it to the funeral, yet they air some tribute for Gia? Kind of sickening to me!

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