While The Bachelor 2014 is currently down to 15 women trying to get that final rose from The Bachelor Juan Pablo, we have some The Bachelor 2014 spoilers that are telling us the final four women on The Bachelor Season 18 and who gets the hometown dates with Juan Pablo! We all know that Reality Steve brings us spoilers every season and despite an error in the system on The Bachelorette 2013, I still tend to think he is correct 99% of the time, which is crazy! Check out the final four on The Bachelor Season 18 below in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers!


To be honest, the final four women have all stood out in the eyes of The Bachelor Juan Pablo already (or a good edit by the producers), so this could be the real deal! The first women would be Renee Oteri, who happened to console both the hot messes last week (Victoria and Cassandra). I think this showed a lot about her character and Juan Pablo loves the fact she is a single mom.


Next up is Clare Crawley, who happened to get the first one-on-one date with Juan Pablo this week. That first date is normally a jinx for whoever gets it, but apparently Clare rides it into the finale four!


Then we have Nikki Ferrell, who got the first alone time with Juan Pablo at the cocktail party on the premiere night. She is a pediatrics nurse and Juan Pablo seems to love that about her. And she tried to calm down Victoria and cut her off from drinking, but with no success!


The final woman is Andi Dorfman, who is the attorney that was afraid to pose nude at the photo shoot last week. Juan Pablo calmed her nerves and the nudity must have won her a spot into the final four on The Bachelor 2014!


So, do you like the final four women on The Bachelor 2014?

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