We are only heading into Week 2 on The Bachelor 2014, but we are in for quite an episode this week on The Bachelor Season 18, as The Bachelor Juan Pablo and the remaining 18 women are going to make things quite interesting. How do they plan on doing that? Well, why not getting topless in the hot tub??? Isn’t that for the Overnight Dates on The Bachelor 2014??? Well, one of the ladies is doing it up this and find out who goes topless on The Bachelor 2014 below in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers!


So, which girl goes topless in the hot tub this week? That would be none other than Lucy Aragon, or the “free spirit” according to her profile. Nothing to get excited or all worked up about because she goes topless in the hot tub at the mansion with only the other women around her. They told her no, but her free spirit told her to do it and she does! This should wreak some havoc in the house and I never thought Lucy would be the one to cause the drama.

On a different note, but did you see some of the “professions” these girls have? I mean Lucy said she is a free spirt, which means she is unemployed. Kelly brought her dog with her for her limo exit, but her bio said she is a Dog Lover. Well, that was obvious when you brought the dog, but is that your job too? Can you get paid for being a dog lover? If so, I have been missing out on a lot of paychecks in my life!

Here is a picture of Lucy, the free spirit, just to remind you:


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