You always have to think that the girl that gets the first one-on-one date on The Bachelor 2014 has to be a frontrunner and an early favorite to be the winner of The Bachelor Season 18, right? Well, it looks like Clare Crawley might be that new frontrunner on The Bachelor 2014, as she got that coveted first date with The Bachelor Juan Pablo last night. It was a winter wonderland for Clare and Juan Pablo, but did the sparks fly enough to get her to the finale of The Bachelor 2014? Find out what he thought about the date in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers below!


For their date, Juan Pablo and Clare stayed in Los Angeles, but headed to a special place all setup for them with snow and lights and sledding and ice skating. So, did Clare move up the rankings for Juan Pablo? This is what he said in his weekly blog for People:

“When Clare opened up about her dad, it really got to me. As a father myself, I want Camila to look to me one day like that. It seems like Clare’s been struggling ever since her father’s death. She even calls herself the Ice Queen. Maybe one day I will help melt that icy heart of hers. All I know for sure is that we were having a fantastic date together, and it got even better when Josh Krajcik started playing. He’s an amazing singer, and to finish the night like that, dancing in the snow … perfect. I really loved my first one-on-one date.”

So, do you think Clare Crawley wins The Bachelor 2014?

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