It is the first real night of The Bachelor 2013, as the premiere is all about the cocktail party and meeting The Bachelor Season 17 women. This is where it gets real for The Bachelor Sean Lowe as he starts going out on dates with these women and their true sides come out. Will we see more of who wins The Bachelor 2013? Some girls might stand out more, but that will be determined during my The Bachelor 2013 Recap and we can find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor Season 17!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe got to meet the 26 new (kind of) women last week during the premiere, but he saw a familiar face (and so did The Bachelor fans) as Kacie B. made a return to the show she almost won with The Bachelor Ben Flajnik. She was not chosen, but she did meet Sean at an event over the summer and was hoping to turn that friendship into something more. Do you think Kacie B. can go far on The Bachelor 2013?

Tonight it is all about Sean going on some one-on-one dates with both Desiree and Sarah. Not to sound like an ass, but do you think Sarah’s camera time and exposure is being played up a little bit by ABC? I mean, she is pretty, but she does have one arm and do you think in real life Sean would give her the time of day? We will see how their one-on-one date goes tonight during my The Bachelor 2013 Recap and see who got eliminated on The Bachelor Season 17!

Of course, we start out with Sean Lowe “working out” and showering…oh ABC! The girls get the date cards from Chris Harrison and the first one-on-one date goes to Sarah. Nothing like getting picked up in a helicopter for your first date, huh? Do we have to hear anything more about the fact that this girl has only one arm? Can he send her home already!

They land on the top of a 300-foot building and will free-fall for a champagne toast at the bottom of the building. She trusts Sean and they do some jumping! Would you do it? I am dying just seeing them stand on the ledge!

Night time and some even more alone time for Sarah with Sean. Sarah tells some story about zip lining and the whole time the camera is on her arm that is no longer there…anyone else over it?

The other girls on The Bachelor Season 17 get the next date card and it is a group date for Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M., Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn and Tierra. Back to Sarah and Sean and he had a great date, so he gives her a rose and a kiss…she survives again! Are you happy?

Group date time as the other girls head out. They meet Sean and find out they will be posing for book covers for Harlequin romantic novels! The girl with the best cover will get a three-book deal with Harlequin. Sean has one rose to hand out during this group date on The Bachelor 2013. All the girls are sick of Tierra and her personality.

The girls are broken into four groups: historical, cowgirls, vampires and sexy. Lesley M. has some rocking abs, so they could bump abs together! They get hot and steamy for their photo and the photographer tells them to kiss, which gets all the girls talking! Tierra is annoying, but gets a kiss from Sean as well. Kristy, a model, takes over their photo shoot and gets some hot pictures together and she is announced the winner!

Drinks and conversation by the pool for the girls and Sean on The Bachelor 2013. Lesley M. gets a little one-on-one time in the house and he wants to kiss her, but she starts random chatter, but that makes him like her even more. She steals him away later and gets that kiss she wanted though!

Kacie B. gets some alone time with Sean and does anyone else notice that they are both very greasy? Sean wants to explore it as more than friends with Kacie B., so she is happy!

Catherine tells Sean that she is vegan, but loves the beef. Everyone sees Tierra moping around and they all want Sean to see the real her. She tries to explain her actions to Sean and he seems to buy it. The girls back at the house get the last date card and it is a one-on-one for Desiree.

Katie is not feeling the vibe from the other girls on The Bachelor 2013 and tells Sean and she said she must go home and not go through this, so he walks her out and she heads home. Time for Sean to hand out the rose and he gives it to Kacie B. for her courage to come back again!

Now it is time for the date with Desiree for Sean, except he has set up a prank on her. It is a fake art exhibit and supposed “expensive” art and one breaks and supposed to be her fault, so see how she reacts because he wants someone with a sense of humor.

Desiree arrives for the date and they head in to the fake art exhibit. They go to the back for a private viewing and then Sean gets called away and the hidden cameras are on her. The $1.5 million piece falls and it is only her in the room. The artist comes in and is pissed and starts yelling, but then Sean comes in and saves the day and she laughs it off, but is probably really pissed! Back to Sean’s place for dinner!

They enjoy wine and dinner and talking about their parents and Sean said he didn’t expect to be this comfortable with Desiree on The Bachelor 2013. Time to enjoy some champagne in the hot tub. Sean thinks they are a pretty good match, so he gives her a rose and a kiss, or makeout session.

It is time for the Cocktail Party and Sean arrives and must send two more women home. Some of the girls didn’t get a date with Sean, so he will spend some more time with them tonight. Lindsay apologizes for the wedding dress fiasco and they do some talking. He was blown away by her and saw a new side of her from the first night. Catherine impresses him as well, but she is the supposed winner of The Bachelor 2013.

Amanda looks like she is about to explode and all the girls are afraid of her! Would you be? Meanwhile Robyn is wondering what type of girl he goes for and if he is attracted to black women. He clears it up and said his last girlfriend was black and loves that she asked him. Selma teaches him a little Arabic. Amanda gets some alone time with Sean and all of a sudden she is not a mad person!

Time for the Rose Ceremony and who does Sean give a rose to tonight on The Bachelor 2013? The girls are: Desiree, Kacie B., Sarah, AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Lesley M., Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H., Tierra, Taryn, Daniella and Amanda. So, who got eliminated on The Bachelor 2013? That means Brooke and Diana are going home. Do you like Sean’s choices?

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