Get your claws ready and your glass of wine chilled because The Bachelor 2013 premiere kicks off tonight and The Bachelor Sean Lowe is ready to find his true love and hopefully the woman he will marry on The Bachelor Season 17. There are 26 new women in Sean Lowe’s life and all of them want that rose every week, so things will get ugly during The Bachelor 2013 Season 17, but don’t they always? Find out who Sean Lowe gave roses to and who was eliminated on The Bachelor ABC during my The Bachelor 2013 recap.

The Bachelor Sean Lowe competed last summer during The Bachelorette 2012 and everyone thought that Emily Maynard was going to pick him to get the final rose, but she sent him home and not only leaving his heart broken, but the hearts of America broken as well. He was a fan favorite, which is why ABC tapped him to be The Bachelor 2013. Expect to see a lot of Sean Lowe shirtless, which I am not complaining about, but also expect to see a lot of catty girls fighting for stupid reasons, which I am complaining about.

I often want to slap these girls on The Bachelor and I am expecting nothing else tonight. We will see 25 new girls arrive in limos tonight to meet Sean, but the very last limo is someone we all know. A blast from the past will join us on The Bachelor 2013, but who is the girl going to be? The other contestants are not happy to see her, so the claws got even more sharp when she arrived. Find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor Season 17 during my The Bachelor 2013 recap starting at 8/7c!

Here we go…you ready??? Sean Lowe shirtless. Who would have thought? Then a look back at his time with The Bachelorette Emily Maynard. He was so sad, we get it. Let’s start this season! He is ready to start a family and is going through this crazy journey again to find the one. Should we count how many times he is shirtless on the premiere? Someone do that for me!

Now it is time for Sean and Arie to meet and waste some time for us on The Bachelor 2013. They share some laughs and of course discuss Emily Maynard. Sean practices how he will give out the roses and break-up ways. Kissing tips from Arie? Are the two guys going to makeout? I wouldn’t complain!

Chris Harrison joins us and it is time to meet some of the women. Desiree, who is a bridal stylist, wants to be the bride finally. Tierra looks like she might be a little crazy and fake and she tells her dog that she is going to bring home them a new husband. Robyn is trying to learn Spanish because it is a romantic language. Robyn is a single mother of two children: positive or negative for her? Sarah claims to be an average girl that is crazy for her career and she happens to have only one arm! Ashley P. is annoying and wants to reenact Fifty Shades of Grey when she meets Sean. Lesley is a political advocate and is a southern girl at heart. Kristy is a model and seems cocky and I won’t like her. AshLee is a professional organizer and wants to be in love big time.

Chris Harrison is joined by Sean Lowe now and the first limo arrives for him to meet his girls. AshLee is first and tells him she is really happy it is him. Jackie is next and applies the lipstick and applies the kiss on his cheek! Selma wiped the kiss off his cheek. Leslie F. tells him his is a hunk and she has a gorgeous smile. Daniella teaches him a handshake and she is going to be kicked off.

The next limo arrives and Kelly is next and she serenades him with a song she wrote him. Katie teaches Sean some yoga. Ashley P. brings out a tie from her dress and wants to do some Fifty Shades of Grey with him and it is awkward. Taryn never saw his season, so she is new to who he is. Catherine wants to dance with him.

In the next limo, we have Robyn, who fails at doing a backflip. Lacey brought him a heart of lace to remember her. Paige was on Bachelor Pad Season 3. Tierra has a open-heart tattoo on her finger and she hopes he is the one to close it. he asks her to wait right there and he goes in and gets a rose for her! She is safe tonight!

He hopes the rose doesn’t create any tension among the girls, but of course that did not happen. The claws are out already! Amanda is next and they have the awkward pause intentionally to get it out of the way. Keriann drove almost 3,000 miles for a shot with Sean. Desiree brought pennies so they could make a wish in the fountain together.

The next limo arrives and out first is Sarah with her one arm. Brooke is sexual and plants a kiss on his cheek. Diana tries to get him to call it a night and leave with her. Lesley M. brings a football and wants to run a play together, but really just wants to look at his butt…that was cute.

The next limo arrives and Kristy comes out all cocky out of the limo and I am over her. Ashley H. seems awkward and probably will go home. Lauren comes from an Italian family and wants to bring him home to cook dinner for him. Lindsay comes out in a wedding dress, but wanted to show her goofy side…I might like her.

The 25 women have arrived and Chris Harrison throws a twist his way. There is one woman that called in and wants to meet him and she arrives in her limo, but who is it??? It is Kacie B., who happens to be from Ben’s season of The Bachelor. He seems to be happy she is there, but she is worried about what the other girls will think. They are ticked at seeing her and don’t think it is fair for her to be here.

The Bachelor Sean Lowe comes in to finally get to spend some time with the girls on The Bachelor 2013. Kacie B. gets some one-on-one time with sean. She said she will be shocked if she doesn’t get a rose tonight. They have met and he viewed her as a friend, but now he knows she has feelings for him and he is open to exploring that.

Desiree gets some alone time and she said she can throw a football and he wants her to prove that eventually. They had a good talk and he enjoyed their talk, so he pulls out a rose and she is safe tonight! Of course, the girls are all freaking out again!

AshLee comes out with another rose and all the girls are going wild. AshLee than tells Tierra that she did not get the first impression rose and she just got the first rose. He continues handing out the roses, as Selma, Robyn and Jackie get roses.

Lindsay comes to talk to Sean and wants to explain the wedding dress, but she is wasted and makes an ass out of herself! No rose for her! Speaking of drunks, Ashley P. is a hot mess and makes a fool of herself. Her Mom already loves him and he said she is a lot to take in. She stumbles down the steps!

More roses, as Leslie H. gets a rose and the girls not getting one are about to slit their wrists on The Bachelor 2013. Taryn doesn’t want to fight for a guy, which makes no sense on why she came on the show. Sarah is nervous to talk to Sean and not be judged for having only one arm, which she feels guys often do. He enjoyed talking to her, so he gives her a rose ( a pity rose)?

Chris Harrison comes in and tells them it is time for the Rose Ceremony, so Sean goes to make some final decisions on The Bachelor 2013.

With 12 roses already given out, The Bachelor Sean Lowe has 7 more roses to give out. Those roses go to Amanda, Lesley M., Kacie B. (she survives again), Kristy (ugh), Daniella, Taryn and the final rose goes to Lindsay. I guess the drunken wedding dress didn’t scare him away.

Paige did Bachelor Pad and The Bachelor and has yet to get a rose…figure it out girl! Any girls stand out to you so far on The Bachelor 2013? Any of the girls who were eliminated on The Bachelor Season 14 should still be there?

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