Anyone out there pumped for The Bachelor 2013 and the debut of The Bachelor Sean Lowe? He won over the hearts of many Americans and people were devastated when The Bachelorette Emily Maynard did not choose him during her season, so ABC gave him his own chance at finding love on The Bachelor Season 17. Will he truly find love or will he be a has-been that breaks up with the girl a couple months after The Bachelor 2013 airs? Find out the first girls to be eliminated on The Bachelor Season 17 tonight during my The Bachelor 2013 recap.

The Bachelor Sean Lowe will get his choice of 26 women to hopefully find love with and maybe even propose to? There have been many rumors on who the Final Four are and that he did propose and they are engaged, but no one will truly know until the finale airs. Tonight on The Bachelor 2013, we will get to see the traditional cocktail party where the ladies arrive in a limo and Sean gets to meet them for the first time. We have all heard the news that there will be a returning contestant, but who will it be? The last limo to arrive will reveal who it is and apparently it could change the game on The Bachelor Season 17!

Arie Lukendyk, Jr. will also make an appearance tonight on The Bachelor ABC. We all know that Emily Maynard broke his heart on The Bachelorette 2012, but him and Sean became friends and he offers some suspicious advice. We are sure to have backflips out of the limo, smooches for Sean Lowe and drunk girls, so you won’t want to miss a thing tonight on The Bachelor 2013 premiere!

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