Talk about a wild ride for AshLee Frazier after she was sent home by The Bachelor Sean Lowe during The Bachelor 2013, but it seems like AshLee is moving on just fine and maybe for the second time since getting kicked off the show? Rumors are flying around and the photo below might confirm that AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack are dating! Could it be true that AshLee Frazier dating Brad Womack?

AshLee Frazier Dating Brad Womack

Credit: Instagram

The rumors first started that AshLee was dating The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and now the rumors have shifted to former Bachelor Brad Womack.

The photo below was posted on Instagram by a fan of the show and AshLee’s comment to the photo: “Thank you from us both!” From the both of you, huh? If they weren’t a couple would she be using the word “us” then?

AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack

Credit: Instagram

The first public sighting of the possible couple was on April 6 at an event in their home state of Texas, but despite attending the same even the two have tried to keep any relationship statuses under wraps….until now?

What do you think about a possible relationship between AshLee Frazier and Brad Womack?

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