Former contestant Jenna Burke spoke to, admitting that she, too, went onto the show too after a major breakup. Host Chris Harrison forced contestant Casey S. to confront Ben and admit the truth about her feelings for her boyfriend back home. Casey confessed that she still cared about him, but knew that he wasn’t going to marry her and that she was hoping to fall in love with someone like Ben. It turns out that Casey wasn’t the only one using Ben as a rebound.

Jenna is remembered for having multiple breakdowns during her stint on the show. “I was coming out of a bad breakup so that was my explanation of why I self-destructed like that,” Jenna said at the Leila Shams Fashion Week party. “It happens. You really want to move on but sometimes you have to get in a state of happiness, kind of get there and then move on.”

Going on the show, “I wasn’t there yet,” Jenna admitted. “Timing is of the essence but it’s all about timing. My timing was off.”

But the show helped Jenna get over her ex. “I just think it was a good experience,” Jenna gushed. “I learned a lot about myself because I really felt like I know what I want in a relationship.”

“If I had the right timing, maybe something could have happened,” Jenna said. “But I’m sure Ben’s happy with whoever he’s with and I wish him the best.”

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