The Bachelor 2012 Host Chris Harrison Says Courtney Robertson Really Needs To Apologize To Ben Flajnik. Bachelor host Chris Harrison spoke to exclusively, and said that Courtney really needs to apologize to Ben for her bad behavior on The Bachelor.

“I think that she will admit, hopefully admit, that she went a little too far and some of the things she said were a little inappropriate and they were rude,” Chris told HollywoodLife during a conference call today. “I would hope she would come up with a little bit of an apology to several people on the show.”

When asked, if he thinks Courtney should apologize to Ben, Chris not only said “yes” but also added that she’s probably embarrassed. “I bet she regrets some of the things she’s done and said,” the host said. “I think she’s gotten caught up in the moment a few times. That apology that Emily gave, and the way she reacted to that is a great example.”

He continued: “Last week, that was just uncalled for the way she reacted when Emily kind of extended the olive branch. I’m guessing she’s home and regrets a lot of this. I haven’t talked to her, but I’m guessing that will be the case.”

But, Chris does approve of some of Courtney’s interesting tactics. “The things that Courtney’s done to get attention from Ben, some of it I actually respect,” he admitted. “I think she’s done a good job of fighting for this guy.”

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