The Bachelor 2012 ep 7 spoiler, Ben leaves Belize with only four women. The Bachelor Ben Flajnik continues his quest to find true love next week in week 7.  In this episode, Ben and his six remaining women will travel to exotic Belize! Ben will have four dates this week.  Three one-on-ones, and one group date. Yes, unfortunately one of the one-on-one dates includes one with Courtney. But it gets better. Read on to find out how things go down.

Also,  Hometown Date week is coming up and I, along with most of you, can’t wait for Ben to meet Courtney’s mother, considering how highly she’s spoken of him, just kidding.

The first one-on-one date will be with Lindzi Cox.  According to Reality Steve, the pair will jump out of a helicopter into “the Great Blue Hole.”  That’s going to be an interesting date.   Ben and Lindzi get along famously and Ben rewards her with a rose, keeping her safe for another week.

On the next date, Ben and Emily spend the day exploring the tiny island of Caye Caulker, Belize.  They go for a bike ride and walk hand-in-hand through the little town sipping brews and talking about organic chicken. Hold on, though.  According to a local blogger, that was what Ben and Emily were talking about before they ventured into a grocery store.  Emily doesn’t get a rose and she is sent home broken-hearted.

The group date will find Ben, Kacie, Rachel and Nicki spending the day swimming with sharks.  No other information is known for this date, so viewers will have to wait and see who gets the rose from this date.

The last date is a one-on-one date with Courtney  and  they visit the Mayan Ruins, where hopefully she keeps her clothes on.  Courtney does whatever it is she does ensuring she will receive a rose, keeping her around for at least another week.

At the rose ceremony, Rachel is sent home.

In the next episode, episode 8, Ben will travel to the hometowns of Courtney, Nicki, Kacey and Lindzi.

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